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403 (Forbidden) delete file image in themer folder Rafael Mariano 4/24/15
403 (Forbidden) delete file image in themer folder Rafael Mariano 4/24/15
403 (Forbidden) - Wordpress theme folder Rafael Mariano 4/24/15
Total realized upload Cont Rafael Mariano 4/23/15
Several Synthax Errors when images are uploaded Oliver Janssen 4/23/15
Progress bars for multiple file upload Steve James 4/23/15
In IE8 and IE9 : getting error SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'length': oject is nu umasreey 4/22/15
Still not work T.T Simon Wang 4/21/15
jquery.fileupload.js:87 Uncaught TypeError: $.widget is not a function Kiswono Prayogo 4/21/15
Publish project on npm Edi 4/20/15
File-Upload is slow to respond after AJAX request is complete. Marcus TechKat 4/18/15
Camera capture crashes Safari tab in iOS Daniel Marquard 4/16/15
Files are in cache - every user can see the uploaded files! MLFactory Webentwicklung 4/13/15
Spaces in filenames FG 4/12/15
Drag & Drop support for uploading Mac bundle files Stefan Kammler 4/10/15
Jquery file upload IE9 issue JSON response Dhanasekaran H 4/9/15
Optional file upload Dan Bramall 4/9/15
fileuploadadd handler called multiple times Janusz Dalecki 4/8/15
PHP file handler : gd resize code Sylvain Breil 4/7/15
Implementing folder uploads with jQuery File Upload Karthik K 4/6/15
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