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jPlayer is an Audio & Video API for jQuery.

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jPlayer 2.6.0 Mark Panaghiston 4/14/14
What would you like to see in a new version of jPlayer? Maboa 4/12/14
Gallery of Sites Using Jplayer Jay 3/6/14
Contracts for jPlayer Developers - People looking to contract a developer post your requirements here! Maboa 2/18/14
jPlayer Developers Available for Work Maboa 1/20/14
(Antispam) Messages by new members will now be moderated before being displayed. Maboa 1/12/14
Planning to change Video media URLs - Your copy of demo ZIP will break Mark Panaghiston 6/9/13
jPlayer IRC is #jPlayer on Freenode Maboa 2/2/13
(Attn: Read First) Useful Links and Resources Dustin Blake 3/4/12
MP3 && Firefox Mobile ? Sébastien Caillaud 10:22 AM
Where is my post? Scott C. Brown 1:21 AM
How to set song duration in $(id).jPlayer( "setMedia", Object: media ) Dinusha De Silva 4/18/14
Play WAV file on all browsers ? Laxmilal Menaria 4/18/14
How can i use jPlayer with playlist and popcorn together? Niels Tiedt 4/18/14
Extract metadata from video file and show it in playlist Niels Tiedt 4/18/14
Preview Frame(thumbnail) in playlist Niels Tiedt 4/18/14
Jplayer.swf takes minutes to load in IE 9 and IE 10 Michael Heigl 4/18/14
I made a personal streaming service for my mp3 collection using jPlayer. Here's the source code: Paul Sori 4/17/14
Need help on - video with high/low/medium quality & audio-with equalizer 4/17/14
RTMP audio stream will not pause Robert Swarthout 4/16/14
Rollover behavior of buttons (and a few other bugs) Spinner 4/16/14
Preloading specific amount of audio Sagar Shinde 4/16/14
jplayer injector won't work on Chrome, and is it possible to use it for playlists? Jonathan2 4/16/14
Full Screen Query Christopher McEvoy 4/16/14
jPlayer won't properly initialize Guyllaume Cardinal 4/16/14
"Ready" Event not firing on page load with apple devices Jbee_1 4/15/14
How can I use Jplayer for Youtube videos? Mehmet Demiray 4/15/14
Multiple instances not loading properly Joel Worsham 4/14/14
updating currentTime Id dynamically Johno 4/13/14
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