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[REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK]: What small but incredibly useful utility are you missing the most in jOOQ? Lukas Eder 11/16/16
Experiences and best practices with Spring / Spring Data Janne Hyötylä 12/4/16
Generating code from JPA annotated entities is broken 12/2/16
Caused by: org.jooq.exception.DataTypeException: Cannot convert from 1479365948726 (class java.lang.Long) to class java.time.ZonedDateTime 12/2/16
formatJSON ignores type converter in field definition 12/2/16
Example usage for transactionAsync/transactionResultAsync 11/29/16
Problem: Updates with generated DAO or xxxRecord object dont work on MS SQL Server Express with tabeles with auto increment IDs TheGPLOG 11/22/16
issue using '' in inline Denis Miorandi 11/22/16
Can Loader API be used for UPDATEs ? Patryk Najda 11/18/16
Generated record key()-method not returning the primary key jklingsporn 11/18/16
Pakcage specification for org.jooq.util.jpa.JPADatabase with Gradle Dominik Gruntz 11/13/16
PGInterval is not supported in dialect POSTGRES 11/13/16
multi schema generation 11/13/16
Questions about calling custom postgresql function Jacob G 11/10/16
Database support in different edition 11/8/16
Vertx and jOOQ jklingsporn 11/7/16
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Version 3.8.6 released with a PostgreSQL regression fix for 3.8.5 Lukas Eder 11/4/16
Batch Insert / Updates with Upset Samir Faci 11/4/16
Support for Postgresql ESCAPE keyword for use with LIKE Max Kremer 10/29/16
using DSL.max with custom field Jacob G 10/27/16
Add custom annotation to generated pojos Fedor 10/26/16
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