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[REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK]: What small but incredibly useful utility are you missing the most in jOOQ? Lukas Eder 10/2/16
[ANNOUNCEMENT] Version 3.8.5 released with various fixes Lukas Eder 8:10 AM
Jooq CRUD / UpdatableRecord right use for upsert of newRecord() Denis Miorandi 10/22/16
UpdatableRecord and identity / sqlserver Denis Miorandi 10/21/16
Pakcage specification for org.jooq.util.jpa.JPADatabase with Gradle Dominik Gruntz 10/20/16
Issue with multiple schemas not being generated (or deleted) when one is using outputSchemaToDefault true Kai Waldron 10/20/16
Batch Insert / Updates with Upset Samir Faci 10/19/16
mix jooq and non jooq apps issues Denis Miorandi 10/19/16
Re: Generated enum's name() method Lukas Eder 10/18/16
Jooq 3.8.x generator: generate all databases in a schema Denis Miorandi 10/17/16
jooq > 3.8 how to avoid print fully qualified (with catalog) names on queries Denis Miorandi 10/17/16
RecordListener for table based id generation Eric Newbury 10/6/16
Error Handling in batch execution 10/5/16
Schema does not exist with render mapping Mark Manders 9/29/16
error: package ... does not exist Mark Manders 9/26/16
Mysql Functions CONVERT_TZ() Sheldon D'Souza 9/26/16
MySQL data type UNSIGNED INT is mapped to signed INT in Java FractalizeR 9/26/16
Updating Only Changed Aspects of Generated Code 9/16/16
Generate custom annotations 9/15/16
Generate table classes with Table as suffix or similar? BTJ 9/15/16
Insert using max(col) + 1? BTJ 9/14/16
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