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[REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK]: What small but incredibly useful utility are you missing the most in jOOQ? Lukas Eder 12/8/16
Using record.from(pojo) on a previously fetched record removes the ID field and prevents updates Daniel Einspanjer 1/16/17
future of jooq about nosql db (mongo, couchbase, ...) Denis Miorandi 1/16/17
Where - in usage throws IOException Shyam 1/12/17
3.9 Code Generation: Varargs methods should only override or be overridden by other varargs 1/10/17
Code generation specificity with respect to chosen driver 1/10/17
Stack overflow error when generating Java code? Daniel Einspanjer 1/9/17
Generating Postgres Enums when going through an XML information-schema.xml Daniel Einspanjer 1/9/17
Jooq 3.9.0: Mocking, Cannot convert from 2017-01-03 (class org.joda.time.LocalDate) to class java.sql.Date 1/6/17
Unexpected behavior when matching field names using character that also matches the table name? Daniel Einspanjer 1/5/17
Failure to use forcedTypes on sqlserver vs postgres Daniel Einspanjer 1/3/17
delete returning SQL Server Roded Bahat 1/2/17
[ANNOUNCEMENT] jOOQ 3.9.0 Released Lukas Eder 12/30/16
UUID string - issue with mysql ? 12/30/16
SQL Server code generation: forcedType knowledge of alias types Roded Bahat 12/29/16
Pakcage specification for org.jooq.util.jpa.JPADatabase with Gradle Dominik Gruntz 12/28/16
SQL Server 2016 (13.0.4199) code generation Roded Bahat 12/28/16
Getting started with XMLGenerator Daniel Einspanjer 12/28/16
YEAR an MONTH function for sum per month. Christian Master 12/28/16
Is there any way to cache the metadata extracted from a database (sqlserver) for repeated codegen runs? Daniel Einspanjer 12/23/16
Jooq Postgres Complex Upserts Samir Faci 12/22/16
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