Joomla Leadership Team

This is the Joomla Leadership Team Public Mailing List.

People with write access to this list are the combined Leaders of the Joomla Production Workgroup , the Joomla Community Workgroup and the members of OSM Board. Feel free to join and follow our discussions, but this list is read only for all non Joomla Leadership Team Members.

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Message to the community marco @ joomla 12/9/16
Upcoming Transition David Jardin 11/6/16
Code of Conduct Team Rowan Hoskyns Abrahall 10/22/16
Joomla Sites George Wilson 10/21/16
End of term Robert Deutz 9/1/16
Status OSM and Proposal marijke.stuivenberg 8/1/16
Maintaining Our Sites George Wilson 12/16/15
responsible for emails Robert Deutz 12/15/15
Budget 2016 Robert Deutz 12/14/15
Open response to an occurring issue sarah.watz 11/18/15
Options for getting money into the projects budget Robert Deutz 11/10/15
Contract for paid ads in Install from Web David Jardin 11/6/15
Leadership Summit Update Ryan Ozimek 9/10/15
Voting on Transition Team has started marijke.stuivenberg 8/31/15 Tom Hutchison 8/30/15
No more Joomla installs Jessica Dunbar 8/28/15 testing Jessica Dunbar 8/26/15 upgrade Jessica Dunbar 8/24/15
PNWPHP Conference Jessica Dunbar 8/7/15
VOTING: Adoption of Joomla Leadership Team voting process Ryan Ozimek 8/6/15
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