Joomla! Platform Development

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List Closed Andrew Eddie 3/26/13
Where is latest revision of Joomla! platform repository? iamkeng 4/28/15
Transitioning to the Framework Andrew Eddie 3/25/13
Re: [jplatform] CLI STDIN/STDOUT Mark Dexter 3/25/13
Packagist keywords Amy Stephen 3/24/13
What to do with the Cache package Andrew Eddie 3/23/13
Joomla Answers (A Stack Exchange Proposal) Nils Rückmann 3/21/13
Re: [jplatform] Issue backend component development 3.0 Andrew Eddie 3/18/13
FIG straw poll on interface standards Andrew Eddie 3/16/13
Re: [jcms] Why create Joomla Framework? It's 2013: use an existing Framework Paul D. Bain 3/15/13
JHtmlTabs George Wilson 3/14/13
Framework changes Amy Stephen 3/14/13
Ideas for the Framework to be done during Google Summer of Code 2013 Javier Gómez 3/13/13
Concerns about the Joomla Platform/Framework? Amy Stephen 3/13/13
Re: [jplatform] query->dump() and query LIMIT? Andrew Eddie 3/12/13
Thanks Don Gilbert for publishing the Joomla Framework API Amy Stephen 3/9/13
Platform is being re-named to "Framework" -- V. important Paul D. Bain 3/9/13
Jobs for the Framework Andrew Eddie 3/8/13
Differences between Joomla Framework & Joomla Platform Matt Thomas 3/7/13
Logging and PSR-3 Andrew Eddie 3/6/13
We need help composing ourselves Andrew Eddie 3/4/13
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