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This is the main discussion list for software developers working on Joomla! extensions or on applications that use the Joomla! Framework.  If you have questions about how to build something for Joomla! or want to ask others about general ideas about Joomla! development, then please join us.

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problems installing my component in 3.65 becyn82 12:12 AM
My first plugin - installed/enabled but code not executing Sylvain Gantois 1/12/17
Long standing problem - Load jQuery/jQueryUI Luca Delpivo 1/12/17
migrating a 1.5 componet to 3.6x becyn82 1/12/17
hy i am Nehal Vasava, Nehal Vasava 1/12/17
n/a Joomla 3 JFactory::getDate() svanschu 1/11/17
starting joomla utkarsh shukla 1/11/17
What is the "official" method to set a view in 3.x? becyn82 1/7/17
Call Menu Link inside Component Maik 1/4/17
[jgen] check for file exists when user opens plugin params RussW 12/29/16
how to use Joomla's LinkedIn library Randy Carey 12/29/16
dynamically defining custom component permissions Brian Shaughnessy 12/27/16
extending com_config - adding new field and values in Global Configuration Rauli Kumpulainen 12/23/16
Reordering subforms in Firefox Mark Dexter 12/21/16
calling the controller 1.5 vs 3.6 becyn82 12/21/16
new version available but package not updating Ruud van Lent 12/21/16
JDatabaseDriver timeout keep 12/20/16
Stats 12/20/16
Software as a service 12/20/16
How to rebuild the UCM Content table Federico Liva 12/20/16
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