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This is the main discussion list for software developers working on Joomla! extensions or on applications that use the Joomla! Framework.  If you have questions about how to build something for Joomla! or want to ask others about general ideas about Joomla! development, then please join us.

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Help with custom profile plugin: Assign user to group based on radio filed value Joomla 3.6.5 VVirile 4/19/17
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Contribute 4/3/17
Change website language from framework Hans Wassink 3/28/17
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getUserState not working in user plugin - onAfterUserSave - but is working in external file. omnidk 3/27/17
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Ajax call to module helper function Pgs Ss 3/26/17
weird component behaviors while following the joomla mvc tutorial onLoad Technologies 3/24/17
JToolbar popup list Thierry CHEN 3/23/17
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