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This is the main discussion list for software developers working on Joomla! extensions or on applications that use the Joomla! Framework.  If you have questions about how to build something for Joomla! or want to ask others about general ideas about Joomla! development, then please join us.

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JTextFields - disappearing spaces ? David Byrne 12/12/17
Help assigning values to JForm fields ? David Byrne 12/11/17
Smart Search always returning results to component, not the defined new page Carl Whalley 12/11/17
Get All Joomla Constants, Classes,interfaces etc. Mario Lacunza 12/10/17
Joomla 4 // Tags in Extensions Sven Bluege 12/8/17
how do a setFielAttribute on repeatable subform roland_d_alsace 12/8/17
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Custom plugin authenticating against external database Glen Willmot 12/3/17
Update search links after SQL content editing? Marvin_Martiano 12/2/17
Are there anyone working on extension migration for Joomla 4.0? James Liu 11/30/17
Looking into NameSpacing changes > what are these files for? Ruud van Lent 11/30/17
Working on PHPCS Deprecated Sniffs: testers / input needed Ruud van Lent 11/30/17
getUserStateFromRequest issue j-guy 11/29/17
How to push params into an admin form Paul van Haren 11/27/17
Language file definitions - how to change it? Daniel Loureiro 11/25/17
What decided when a script (chosen.js) is loaded in the head? Marvin_Martiano 11/24/17
Authentication/Authorization in Joomla Ed Stafford 11/23/17
Joomla 4: Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Installer\Adapter\ComponentAdapter::get() ChrisG 11/22/17
weird admin error Bear 11/22/17
First timer-- wants to contribute to Joomla! Yash Bansal 11/21/17
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