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This is the main discussion list for software developers working on Joomla! extensions or on applications that use the Joomla! Framework.  If you have questions about how to build something for Joomla! or want to ask others about general ideas about Joomla! development, then please join us.

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Warning JFolder::folder: Path is not a folder! Marc Letouzé 11/25/15
Auto update not working for my plugin's components and libary what am i doing wrong ? Bas van den Dikkenberg 11/23/15
Adding a font picker for the menu in the Hydrogen Template for Gantry 5 Shane Hillen 11/21/15
How to use language associations on custom component? Rogerio Brito 11/17/15
How to rebuild the UCM Content table Federico Liva 11/17/15
Custom fields on Joomla 3.6? Parvez 11/17/15
Debugging Joomla! code with JLog PGS 11/16/15
Dates pre 1900-01-01 default to 1970-01-01 in Edit screen Glenn Arkell 11/16/15
JForm - edit not loading existing item Ben Green 11/14/15
A question for anyone working with RedComponent OAuth & Webservices Eric Fernance 11/13/15
SEF vs 404 Errors victor belizario 11/11/15
Callback_url JFacebook Mind gem 11/7/15
Issue with mod_chrome via modules.php when having more than 1 template assigned Clubnite 11/3/15
Joomla 2.5 saves a new record after edit save with updated fiels Ahmed Said 11/3/15
Form selection based on option to views for class cdcvineyard 11/2/15
How to handle errors from Model when JTable::store never returns errors? Clubnite 11/1/15
Properly escaping SQL Alfred 10/28/15
Use CLI-Script and push input to JTable::store() Timotheus Titus 10/28/15
Form Field Repeatable : Is there any way to avoid using modal for this form? Gonzalo Exequiel Rodriguez Isleño 10/27/15
Editor dimensions bug or feature ? Alfred 10/27/15
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