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This is the main discussion list for software developers working on Joomla! extensions or on applications that use the Joomla! Framework.  If you have questions about how to build something for Joomla! or want to ask others about general ideas about Joomla! development, then please join us.

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Joomla Timezone/German time Timotheus Titus 7:38 AM
JForm/JTable and best practices for Data/database Normalization in Joomla 3.4+ Walt Sorensen 6/30/15
Can not use Factory::getUsersByGroup on Joomla CLI-Script Timotheus Titus 6/30/15
Change form 'required' based on checkbox Chris Paschen 6/30/15
Blank lines added on install Chris Paschen 6/29/15
Table has multiple primary keys specified, only one primary key value provided. Walt Sorensen 6/25/15
How to implement dynamic fields on a Back End Joomla! component ? Stephane B 6/25/15
Issue with JFormFieldTextarea::getInput() and line breaks Clubnite 6/24/15
Multiple primary keys with Non-integer keys in JTable Joomla 3.4. Walt Sorensen 6/24/15
Custom user profile plugin save problems Chris Paschen 6/23/15
My plugin is only working on article pages... Page Pop 6/19/15
Joomla in openshift .htaccess Internal Server Error! How to configure? Uriel Dos Santos Souza 6/14/15
Errors in Pull Request on Issue tracker pull 7174 Rick Spaan - R2H 6/14/15
MySQL Sub-Queries in JModelList Timotheus Titus 6/14/15
Send E-Mails via Joomla-CLI-Script Timotheus Titus 6/14/15
Integration with FullCalendar - JSON results problem. Tomasz Omeljaniuk 6/12/15
PhpStorm and El Capitan Alfred 6/11/15
Need make a duplicate root index file for sub folders 6/10/15
Force language switch Samuel Mehrbrodt 6/9/15
Adding Tags to Articles Richard Hellyer 6/9/15
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