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This list is for discussions around building the Joomla! CMS. If you want to help please join us. For talking about building third party extensions or other software please use:

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Can we add descriptions to the sample content in the installer Brian Peat 3:34 PM
ARGH! the jooma router strikes back! Cyril Thibout 3:31 PM
Every adventure has an end infograf768 3:04 AM
Development on 3.5+ Hannes Papenberg 1:15 AM
Re: [jcms] Digest for - 25 updates in 1 topic Joseph Cardwell 3/25/15
[GSoC] Inline editing for Joomla CMS Stefan Neculai 3/25/15
A Half-Baked Experiment Michael Babker 3/25/15
jQuery squeezebox ced1870 3/22/15
Joomla 3.4.1.... George Wilson 3/21/15
problems with pathing in 3.4 Bear 3/20/15
RFC: Unified Page Model Paul Orwig 3/18/15
Proposal: Remove Hathor? Hannes Papenberg 3/16/15
Joomla 3.x router and articles urls Brunus 3/16/15
Removing Installation Application (Directory) Nils Rückmann 3/15/15
Please let us remove com_tags now Hannes Papenberg 3/15/15
RFC New MVSC single task controller system with com_config conversion Mathew Lenning 3/14/15
Guidelines on caching js, css, images Daniel Dimitrov 3/14/15
ACL core.manage Mathew Lenning 3/12/15
New leader for the translation team working group Bakual 3/10/15
Language Freeze for Joomla 3.4.1 Bakual 3/9/15
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