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How to query for plugin params from a CLI script? It doesn't work for unpublic plugins. Clubnite 10/19/16
Component's view metadata.xml and layouts specific xml DTD Izhar Aazmi 10/16/16
3.6.3 installation languages frozen infograf768 10/16/16
Guidance regarding contribution to Joomla! Shivam Luthra 10/12/16
Did joomla was made inspired in any framework ? Edric Navarro (enav) 10/9/16
Install from Web Status Michael Babker 10/7/16
improve the "category blog layout" code of com_content to pick out the image and separate it from texts Joomlagate China 10/6/16
Abandonware user self-registration procedure in Joomla core Demis Palma 10/6/16
Use of the @deprecated tag Chris Davenport 10/5/16
JError Hannes Papenberg 10/4/16
[Code Standards] unit tests, help needed Walt Sorensen aka photodude 9/27/16
Joomla 3.6 Changes around LegacyController ? Honkoman 9/23/16
How should Joomla upgrade Bootstrap Allon Moritz 9/21/16
Article autor gone missing in action upon upgrade Leo Lammerink 9/14/16
Redirects problem to error 404 Jarek Bober 9/10/16
joomla official multilingual demo site still in joomla v.2.5 !!! ghazal 9/4/16
How to send a user from a registration page to the referring page. Jeff Honeyager 9/2/16
Dashboard - 'Drag n Drop' modules to change position Charlie Lodder 9/2/16
What is a "Headless CMS"? ssnobben 9/2/16
repeatable form fields nerfed Bear 8/27/16
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