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adding PHP library to a custom Joomla module AMELIA TAYLOR 1/19/17
Will it hurt joomla??? Edric Navarro (enav) 1/12/17
[JBS] Call for Testers: Allow multiple (different) editors in one page Niels Braczek 12/29/16
Survey on Software Architectures Mert Ozkaya 12/24/16
[JBS] Call for Testers: Custom Fields for 3.7 Niels Braczek 12/23/16
[JBS] Call for Testers: Menu manager for Joomla Backend Menu Niels Braczek 12/19/16
[JBS] Call for Testers: Add redirect option after article submission Niels Braczek 12/16/16
Joomla Routing and other frameworks and CMSs Edric Navarro (enav) 12/15/16
Announcements Webdongle Elgnodbew 12/14/16
For those who don't use glip Webdongle Elgnodbew 12/13/16
J3.6.4 JUser data discrepancy in front/back-end in the user plugin group Georgios Ntampitzias 12/9/16
Improve Joomla modules with language title only etc ssnobben 12/3/16
3.7.0-dev2 update notification 12/2/16
Web links beta release Chris Davenport 11/29/16
Updating from 2.5.28 errors Webdongle Elgnodbew 11/25/16
Label could not be set up via magic method Viper 11/23/16
Plugin type for use before JApplication has been instantiated Chris Bradbury 11/20/16
How to use JCache? Mike Pearl 11/20/16
'Closed' sessions still have 'active' _state - any good reason for this? Chris Bradbury 11/17/16
log in redirect 11/15/16
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