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This list is for discussions around building the Joomla! CMS. If you want to help please join us. For talking about building third party extensions or other software please use:

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Would you like a tag view feature ? theduddy67 8:07 AM
PhpStorm License Renewal Niels Braczek 7:36 AM
Joomla Version Number Shifting (3.5.2 renamed to 3.6) Sergio Manzi 5/2/16
Test sample data --- Captcha article Webdongle Elgnodbew 5/1/16
Joomla 3.6 progress so far Chris Davenport 4/30/16
What we would like to see in Joomla 4? Todor Iliev 4/29/16
Joomla extension installation rollback process Izhar Aazmi 4/29/16
The next minor release (Joomla 3.6) Chris Davenport 4/28/16
Form Fields List/GroupedList Elijah Madden 4/26/16
Autocomplete (mod_finder) not working in 3.5.1 Allan Dowdeswell 4/25/16
Hide the native insert/edit image in Tinymce ced1870 4/20/16
Bug or 3rd party developer with bad code ? Webdongle Elgnodbew 4/12/16
Joomla multilanguge Virtumart template error Gaurav Sharma 4/12/16
Bad Return ? for Joomla Application login function Thomas PAPIN 4/11/16
modal.js and mootools dependency ced1870 4/11/16
Request for Comments: Service Layer Chris Davenport 4/9/16
Add title property to the Joomla Tag Anchors Jim Holloman 4/8/16
MooTools tooltip objects not in global scope Chris Bradbury 4/5/16
$this->escape() Sergio Manzi 4/4/16
Problems with the editor and images Ove Eriksson 4/4/16
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