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No client side form validation in Joomla 3.2? Adam Rifat 11:05 AM
So every release is LTS, even 3.2 or its starts with 3.4? Anirudh Merugu 8:05 AM
Joomla! Stack Exchange: Moving from 'Private' Beta to 'Public' Beta Niv Froehlich 4/18/14
Joomla! scheduled articles and Varnish/nginx Daniel Kanchev 4/18/14
Joomla Single Task Controller RFC Mathew Lenning 4/17/14
joomla 3.3.0 beta error 4/16/14
[imp] Extension Update Messages like the Joomla Update Message Tobias Zulauf 4/16/14
[GSoC_Project] : Enhancing User Profiles Buddhima Wijeweera 4/16/14
ARGH! the jooma router strikes back! Cyril Thibout 4/16/14
What are the possible filter values for some form fields Edric Navarro (enav) 4/16/14
[PROBLEM] Saving multi images into folder Newbie 4/14/14
K2 + Jomsocial Integration in Joomla 3 Isi Roca 4/14/14
Heartbleed Pieter J. van Horssen 4/12/14
Apostraphe in email address Leo Lammerink 4/11/14
Decoupling com_weblinks Andrew Eddie 4/10/14
Field type with OnChange,OnKeyup and OnkeyDown etc Gopi A 4/10/14
Media Field: Upload image with CROP option Gopi A 4/9/14
JoomlaCode Issue tracker report 28 March 2014 brian teeman 4/8/14
Tags Mohamed Infaz 4/8/14
Joomlacode issue report 7 April brian teeman 4/7/14
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