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New Router not going to be in 3.7 Hannes Papenberg 5:18 PM
3.7 RC1 com_content category-blog a.radtke 5:48 AM
Upgrade Joomla 3.x to Joomla 4.x future release 3/22/17
tags inline confusion Bear 3/18/17
enqueMessage bug? Bear 3/13/17
No new routing in 3.7? דניאל הפונדק 3/10/17
HHVM Testing J3.7B3 Walt Sorensen aka photodude 3/6/17
additional param in tags Bear 3/6/17
Release packages built process across minor versions Izhar Aazmi 2/27/17
Error on 3.7.0 RC1 when selecting menu items in backend 2/24/17
Editting Templates Cronos Cto 2/20/17
where to submit this code 2/14/17
3.7.0 B2 login issues 2/13/17
language string question 2/11/17
custom fields: a pretty interresting idea but completely useless Cyril Thibout 2/10/17
Help Joomla! with Google Summer of Code 2017 Puneet Kala 1/27/17
html lang tag: Why displaying country code in lowercase? infograf768 1/23/17
adding PHP library to a custom Joomla module AMELIA TAYLOR 1/21/17
JS error in J3.6.5 backend 1/21/17
Will it hurt joomla??? Edric Navarro (enav) 1/12/17
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