Ever feel like Jenkins could use some automation, well the job-dsl-plugin is how you'll accomplish that. It provides a dense DSL to define jenkins jobs, while also providing a Jenkins plugin to monitor for changes to keep everything up to date. View the GitHub page and wiki for details:

This mailing list if for any user or developer discussions. We're always happy to hear of automation use-cases, so please post them.

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TFS - Team Foundation Server Plugin Stephen Rufle 11/28/15
trouble following example "Import other files (i.e. with class definitions) into your script" Taco Witte 11/27/15
How to use DslScriptLoader.runDslEngine when migrating tests to job-dsl-core 1.40 Christian Rasp 11/27/15
'Clone Workspace SCM Plugin' publisher documentation sm 11/26/15
From Jenkins XML to JobDsl Jose Luis Ordiales Coscia 11/26/15
ArchiveXUnitThresholdContext: default=0 makes all test fail Philipp Hahn 11/26/15
buildDescription DSL adding garbage to message Daniel Laird 11/25/15
job-dsl and Cloudbees Workflow Substance586 11/25/15
How to access credential binding variables within configure block? Christian Myrhøj 11/25/15
Taming the Hydra: How to take care of a large Jenkins installation and still keep your sanity Guenther, Marc(AWF) 11/20/15
Add hook to customize script compiler Rui Fernando Hayashi 11/19/15
LogRotator dsl has no affect Wesley Connor 11/16/15
Jobs created from SEED job no longer getting updated Substance586 11/13/15
Request support for XShell 11/11/15
How to locally run jobs containing DSL from extesions Faisal Mansoor 11/11/15
Request support for Environment Script 11/11/15
Job DSL Plugin 1.40 Released Daniel Spilker 11/8/15
Small update for CopyArtifact v1.37 Gabor Vasko-Szedlar 11/3/15
update dsl job Jozsef Sin 10/28/15
passing in additional values for the extracolumns supported job DSL plugin Joshua Ayson 10/28/15
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