Ever feel like Jenkins could use some automation, well the job-dsl-plugin is how you'll accomplish that. It provides a dense DSL to define jenkins jobs, while also providing a Jenkins plugin to monitor for changes to keep everything up to date. View the GitHub page and wiki for details:

This mailing list if for any user or developer discussions. We're always happy to hear of automation use-cases, so please post them.

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How do you pass in command line parameters to a job dsl? Anoop Kulkarni 10:31 AM
Sort generated jobs alphabetically Robert Kielty 4:05 AM
Job configuration changes upon viewing Stephen Price 9/21/16
Rerun of seed job on template change ("using" keyword) Tobias König 9/21/16
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Trying to configure artifactoryGenericConfigurator Tony McElroy 9/19/16
Intellij Integration Laurent Pouget 9/16/16
Job DSL 1.51 Released Daniel Spilker 9/13/16
how work wrapper configFiles file ('myfile')? Игорь Симонов 9/13/16
accessing Jenkins environment Jeremy Marshall 9/13/16
remotePoll Azul Inho 9/13/16
How is it possible to import other files (e.a. with classdefinitions) into my dsl-file Christoph Moser 9/12/16
downstream build with multiple-choice parameters? Joshua Hoblitt 9/11/16
job names with slashes 8/24/16
how to call job dsl script in java code touseef yousuf 8/23/16
Job DSL Plugin 1.50 Daniel Spilker 8/19/16
Pull Request for copyS3Artifact Noah Nordrum 8/18/16
Regression in Job DSL 1.49 Daniel Spilker 8/17/16
Create view for in-progress jobs Misty Stanley-Jones 8/16/16
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