Ever feel like Jenkins could use some automation, well the job-dsl-plugin is how you'll accomplish that. It provides a dense DSL to define jenkins jobs, while also providing a Jenkins plugin to monitor for changes to keep everything up to date. View the GitHub page and wiki for details:

This mailing list if for any user or developer discussions. We're always happy to hear of automation use-cases, so please post them.

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Generated Gitlab Push Trigger doesn't work unless saved through UI ZT 8:16 AM
Dynamic Job Names Jon McKenzie 6/15/17
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Groovy Help : Inject passwords to the build as environment variables Srini 6/4/17
Eclipse integration Esdras Neto 5/30/17
Allow importing local classes when the build is running as an administrator Jakub Bocheński 5/29/17
Is it possible to use only 1 import class statement for all groovy scripts if I am using file-based? Taras Fog 5/29/17
Reading all files from workspace Substance586 5/23/17
Handling In-process Script Approval 5/22/17
Add job to an EXISTING build monitor view located inside nested views misha 5/19/17
Bug Or Feature? Update an existing job twice does trigger a build 5/15/17
Possible to add job metadata? 5/12/17
How to define a FreeStyle Job first , and then populate it later on? 5/11/17
Enable or disable Job DSL "Enable script security for Job DSL scripts" option programatically Fábio Peruchi 5/11/17
TFS - Team Foundation Server Plugin Stephen Rufle 5/10/17
Job DSL 1.63 Released Daniel Spilker 5/9/17
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