Ever feel like Jenkins could use some automation, well the job-dsl-plugin is how you'll accomplish that. It provides a dense DSL to define jenkins jobs, while also providing a Jenkins plugin to monitor for changes to keep everything up to date. View the GitHub page and wiki for details:

This mailing list if for any user or developer discussions. We're always happy to hear of automation use-cases, so please post them.

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Run DSL Scripts from command line? Doug Garstang 7:51 AM
pipelineJob API has publishers, but pipelines don't support publishers Marc Esher 7:47 AM
ListView is recreated entirely, but all I want is just to add a job. Vicki Kozel 6/24/16
Artifactory dsl code is not loading target repository in the configuration. Praveen A 6/24/16
gradle test failing after adding managed script Eric Ackerson 6/24/16
Trigger Downstream Job only when Upstream fails Vicki Kozel 6/23/16
Groovy dsl to configure Jenkins plugin Quint van der Linden 6/22/16
How do I copy a job and replace a default parameter value Vicki Kozel 6/22/16
__FILE__ variable Philippe Jean 6/20/16
Promoted Builds Support Simon Goodall 6/20/16
multibranchPipelineJob does not run the initial branch index after creation. Eric Long 6/15/16
Extending existing JobDSL nodes Thomas Keller 6/14/16
Overwriting Jobs with DSL Will Jackson 6/14/16
Convert configure block to re-usable Groovy class? Wim Deblauwe 6/14/16
Where to ask support for Jenkins plugins that have no DSL at the moment? Wim Deblauwe 6/14/16
Putting a pipeline into a folder Doug Garstang 6/9/16
Is it possible to use the script console or Jenkins CLI groovy command to execute Job DSL? Darren Bowen 6/7/16
Implementation vs. Code documentation for enableManualTriggers Stephan 5/26/16
Job DSL 1.47 Released Daniel Spilker 5/24/16
job-dsl-core Run support for Extensibles (e.g., promoted-builds) Dominic Evans 5/23/16
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