Ever feel like Jenkins could use some automation, well the job-dsl-plugin is how you'll accomplish that. It provides a dense DSL to define jenkins jobs, while also providing a Jenkins plugin to monitor for changes to keep everything up to date. View the GitHub page and wiki for details:

This mailing list if for any user or developer discussions. We're always happy to hear of automation use-cases, so please post them.

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Proposed changes to Christoph Burgmer 9/28/17
Jenkins fails to run any job, getting "No such DSL method 'job' found among steps" Christian 9/28/17
Importing class definitions into script Eberhard Beilharz 9/21/17
Groovy Postbuild: Support for "Use Groovy Sandbox" is missing 9/14/17
Set authenticationToken from credentials Eberhard Beilharz 9/12/17
cant get windows env variables into a jobDSL mavenJob TJC 9/8/17
plugin Job adsl use a older release for cucumber report mustapha es sakhi 9/7/17
After update to 1.64: addStaticAnalysisContextAndPattern not found? Tobias Gruetzmacher 9/7/17
Re: Method defined with job-dsl class ScmContext.metaClass throwing error No Signature for Method Daniel Spilker 9/7/17
Multibranch-Pipeline: Unchanged Jobs should not trigger new builds Markus Schwarz 9/7/17
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