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Is it possible to just detect collisions, without simulating one? Xaero Degreaz 12/9/12
Android Mario Lenci 11/10/11
room Mario Lenci 9/26/11
Rotation Matrix3 to Matrix4 Mario Lenci 9/26/11
Objects go through each other at high velocity? Cheese 9/21/11
Using GeneralizedForce jfelrod1960 8/30/11
[jinngine] jumping ragdoll Abhishek 8/3/11
Simulation using Jinnigine + Jinnigine with Java 3-D Nav 7/10/11
Rotation matrix from Geometry is not matching Rotation matrix from Body jfelrod1960 7/6/11
Cylinder or UniformCylinder Geometry jfelrod1960 7/3/11
Contact Javier Fernández 5/3/11
Dodecahedron Geometry Javier Fernández 4/26/11
offline demos Erwin Coumans 3/2/11
OpenCL plug-in Michael Nischt 2/7/11
Setting some goals for the 0.9 release... mo 1/31/11
Trouble ConvexHull-Bodies to work properly rschwemm 12/9/10
Problem compiling jinngine example Nav 11/27/10
how to run the demos? Erwin Coumans 11/13/10
static concave tri meshes stopwalve 11/10/10
Using only collision detection + resonse MrCoder 11/3/10
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