This group was created to discuss replacement for using Unsafe to access off heap memory, but this can be considered in the broader context of improvements the JVM might make in terms of memory management.

Off Heap JEP 1 - replacement for off heap memory access under sun.* esp Unsafe, but also FileChannelImpl and FileDispatcherImpl (including thread safety)
Off Heap JEP 2 - allocation of objects on the stack, improving EscapeAnalysis or adding developer annotation hints
Off Heap JEP 3 - on heap structs
Off Heap JEP 4 - off the heap structs

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MySafe 2.0 - Now, It is an "Unsafe" Based Native Memory Tracking and Leak Hunting Framework Serkan Özal 4/14/16
JEP to replace Unsafe usage Peter Lawrey 4/23/15
Jillegal 2.0 - Yet Another But Different OffHeap Solution Serkan Özal 7/1/14
Free off-heap extension for Hazelcast Jan Kotek 5/30/14
MapDB just got Unsafe off-heap storage Jan Kotek 5/20/14
JEP Off Heap / Unsafe Suminda Dharmasena 5/7/14
Jillegal - Taking Usafe to Another Level Altogether Suminda Dharmasena 5/7/14
Upstream Merge With Infinispan Suminda Dharmasena 3/26/14
One day = direct language support (JLS) for off-heap Dominic Giuseppe 3/24/14
Unsafe Hardware / OS Access Suminda Dharmasena 3/24/14
How is Unsafe used? Peter Lawrey 3/2/14
Cleaning sun.misc.Unsafe is about to start :) Christoph Engelbert (Noctarius) 2/26/14
Sample interface for off heap JEP Peter Lawrey 2/18/14
Fwd: JIT and invalidation Noctarius 2/17/14
The JEP description Peter Lawrey 2/14/14
Other methods for off-heap handling Peter Lawrey 2/13/14
Allocators and de allocators Suminda Dharmasena 2/12/14
Off Heap JEP 1 Peter Lawrey 2/4/14
Replacement for Unsafe should consider Hardware Transaction Memory support Peter Lawrey 2/3/14
Should not Compromise the JVM Suminda Dharmasena 1/31/14
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