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virtual keyboard in javafx/apps/experiments/ConferenceScheduleApp Mumuney Abdlquadri 11/25/15
icon for android app Christian Spener 11/18/15
Cannot expand ZIP 'Library/Android/sdk/extras/android/support/multidex/library/libs/android-support- 11/18/15
choicebox not sincronizing with their list on Android Carlos De Luna 11/9/15
I am missing something, but i don't kow what Carlos De Luna 10/30/15
Arraylist rein ahne 10/30/15
Could not find / on classpath 10/26/15
JavaFX Android and Bluetooth 10/14/15
Can someone exclude Bala HR from posting on this group? Даниэль Циммерманн 10/2/15
afterburner.mfx throws SecurityException when calling getView Jörg Wille 9/10/15
What is the best way to pick a file 9/10/15
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