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This Google Group was created to discuss possible scope and features for a Java Configuration JSR. 
There is an initiative by Michael Keith presented on JavaOne 2013 with lots of interesting ideas and proposals.

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Scope of a possible JSR Anatole Tresch 6/2/14
Use Cases Anatole Tresch 6/1/14
JavaOne Talks Werner Keil 9/5/16
Current state of the JSR Oliver B. Fischer 9/17/14
One or two JSR? Oliver B. Fischer 7/23/14
userland vs SPI Mark Struberg 7/7/14
Config Filter Chains and Logging Mark Struberg 7/6/14
Dynamic Configuration vs Static Configuration Mark Struberg 7/6/14
Configuration Category vs package naming Mark Struberg 7/6/14
Configured values: String vs Object graphs Mark Struberg 7/6/14
[java-config] People on board for JavaConfig Antonio Goncalves 6/24/14
What license shall we pick for this JSR? Mark Struberg 6/21/14
What CDI 2.0 could do for Java Configuration? Antoine Sabot-Durand 6/16/14
Q: Writing configurations? Oliver B. Fischer 6/7/14
ProjectStage and CDI @Exclude Mark Struberg 6/2/14
CDI JIRA about Configuration Antonio Goncalves 6/2/14
[java-config] Staging Antonio Goncalves 6/1/14
Re: Configuration Formats and Locations Arjan Tijms 4/30/14
Java EE8 Survey Balder VC 4/22/14
management of configuration nicolas de loof 11/12/13
People to talk to about getting involved Werner Keil 11/2/13
High Level Components Anatole Tresch 10/31/13
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