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Welcome to Jaipur.rb
Jaipur Ruby User Group is a local meetup of Rubyists that focuses on Ruby and Ruby on Rails in around around Jaipur, Rajasthan. India

We've had trouble with spam in in the past, so we have some guidelines:
We strictly adhere to these rules for the sole purpose of ensuring a good experience of the members of this group. To learn more about Us, you can visit us at http://jaipurrb.com

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Introduce Yourself Gaurish Sharma 3/17/15
Job posting guidelines Gaurish Sharma 1/31/14
Welcome to Jaipur RUG - Ruby User Group Gaurish Sharma 11/21/12
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Deccan Ruby Conf - Second pre-conference workshop by Aditya Godbole Prathamesh Sonpatki 5/17/17
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Deccan Ruby Conf is back! Prathamesh Sonpatki 2/16/17
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Call for coaches Sonali Gupta 8/28/16
Help students attend RubyConfIndia 2017 Prathamesh Sonpatki 8/9/16
RubyConf India 2017 CFP open! Prathamesh Sonpatki 8/9/16
DeccanRubyConf 2016 Update Prathamesh Sonpatki 7/6/16
Deccan Ruby Conf 2016 - Keynote speaker announced and CFP closes soon! Prathamesh Sonpatki 5/29/16
[XPOST][CONF] Deccan Ruby Conf 2016 Update Prathamesh Sonpatki 4/15/16
DeccanRubyConf 2016 CFP is open! Prathamesh Sonpatki 3/22/16
[XPOST] [ANN] Garden City Ruby Camp 2016 Swanand Pagnis 1/24/16
Proposal for hosting RubyConfIndia 2016 Prathamesh Sonpatki 8/11/15
[X-Post][JOB] Opening for Rails Developers at Red Panthers Harisankar P S 8/5/15
Deccan Ruby Conf 2015 schedule is up Prathamesh Sonpatki 7/21/15
Deccann Ruby Conf CFP closing tomorrow 30th June Prathamesh Sonpatki 6/28/15
DeccanRubyconf is back! Prathamesh Sonpatki 4/20/15
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