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[PATCH V7 0/3] *** pio_bitmap generator *** charles king 7/23/16
[PATCH] match return type with function prototype Nicholas Mc Guire 7/22/16
ioctl function not completing and hypervisor output swara...@intel.com 7/21/16
[siemens/jailhouse] 6a1d03: core: Fix empty-page mapping for root cell on 32-b... GitHub 7/21/16
[PATCH] mandate python 2 and 3 compatibility Nicholas Mc Guire 7/20/16
ARM: Managing stage-2 page table updates J. Kiszka 7/20/16
[PATCH] add recommendation for use of Fixes: tag in bug-fix commits Nicholas Mc Guire 7/20/16
[PATCH] mandate pep8 compliance for python code contributions Nicholas Mc Guire 7/20/16
[PATCH V5 0/3] *** pio_bitmap *** charles king 7/19/16
[PATCH] core: Fix empty-page mapping for root cell on 32-bit systems J. Kiszka 7/19/16
[siemens/jailhouse] b0b863: TODO: Update ARM entries GitHub 7/17/16
[siemens/jailhouse] eda930: driver: ioremap the hypervisor firmware to any ker... GitHub 7/17/16
[siemens/jailhouse] 6d7ac3: core: Fix printing of invalid MMIO accesses GitHub 7/17/16
[siemens/jailhouse] 314922: inmates/lib: cmdline.c GitHub 7/17/16
[siemens/jailhouse] 51f3bd: tools: config-create: Do not enter infinite over d... GitHub 7/17/16
[PATCH] arm: Fix corruption of protected bits in restrict_bitmask_access Jan Kiszka 7/17/16
[PATCH] arm: Remove duplicate register resets Jan Kiszka 7/17/16
[PATCH] x86: vmx: Enable INVPCID if reported via CPUID J. Kiszka 7/13/16
[siemens/jailhouse] e98314: core: ivshmem: Remove unneeded include GitHub 7/13/16
Anyone using MSI-X? Valentine Sinitsyn 7/6/16
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