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[PATCH 0/7] Replace jailhouse-cell-list by native C implementation Ralf Ramsauer 8/28/16
Testing ivshmem on bananapi Thomasg 8/26/16
Jailhouse installation fine but kernel traps occuring swara...@intel.com 8/25/16
[siemens/jailhouse] GitHub 8/25/16
[PATCH 0/5] Fixes and simplifications for xsave support J. Kiszka 8/25/16
[siemens/jailhouse] c95364: x86: Make vcpu_handle_xsetbv vmx-private GitHub 8/25/16
[siemens/jailhouse] 4603f1: x86: Introduce vcpu_vendor_get_guest_cr4 GitHub 8/25/16
[siemens/jailhouse] bbce17: arm64: add sysregs helper macros GitHub 8/25/16
[siemens/jailhouse] d5086e: x86: Remove VMEXIT_XSETBV handling from svm GitHub 8/24/16
[PATCH v4 2/9] driver: sysfs: do not pass cell name to jh_sysfs_cell_create Ralf Ramsauer 8/22/16
[PATCH v4 1/9] driver: cell: add cell name to struct cell Ralf Ramsauer 8/22/16
[PATCH] core: Only park CPUs in cell_set_loadable if really necessary J. Kiszka 8/19/16
[PATCH] configs: Add XUSB to jetson-tk1 config J. Kiszka 8/19/16
[siemens/jailhouse] bfcf4a: create config: fix 64bit PCI device configuration GitHub 8/19/16
[PATCH 0/3] Fix some typos and misleading documention Ralf Ramsauer 8/19/16
[PATCH] tools: config-create: fix iterator index manipulation in PCIBARs Henning Schild 8/19/16
[PATCH] create config: fix 64bit PCI device configuration Benedikt Spranger 8/19/16
[PATCH V10 0/3] *** pio_bitmap generator *** charles king 8/17/16
[siemens/jailhouse] 325903: core: Introduce arch_cell_reset hook GitHub 8/16/16
[PATCH 00/27] ARM: Cache maintenance & CPU management fixes J. Kiszka 8/16/16
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