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JH with linux 4.0-rc7 on bananapi Philipp Rosenberger 4/16/15
Run jailhouse on Jetson TK1 meie...@web.de 4/15/15
[RFC] Can we merge cpu states to a member in per_cpu structure? Zhangjun (V) 4/15/15
System management messages in AMD IOMMU Valentine Sinitsyn 4/15/15
[PATCH 01/20] x86: Drop some unneeded local variables from SVM functions J. Kiszka 4/15/15
[siemens/jailhouse] 363318: x86: Remove local cpu_data variable from vcpu_hand... GitHub 4/14/15
[siemens/jailhouse] 215bef: x86: Do not call vmload/vmsave on every VM exit GitHub 4/14/15
[PATCH 01/31] x86: Remove local cpu_data variable from vcpu_handle_hypercall J. Kiszka 4/14/15
SVM: vmload/vmsave-free VM exits? Jan Kiszka 4/14/15
[PATCH 00/17] x86: PERF, PAT & MTRR handling, assorted changes J. Kiszka 4/13/15
[siemens/jailhouse] 34d235: core: Fix documentation of paging_get_guest_pages GitHub 4/11/15
[siemens/jailhouse] 5fbd3e: x86: Stop printing PCI address port in vcpu_handle... GitHub 4/10/15
[siemens/jailhouse] GitHub 4/7/15
[siemens/jailhouse] a9b3ce: x86: Emulate MTRR enable/disable GitHub 4/7/15
machine check exception panic trying to read root cell memory regions (motherboard, rom, video mem) Claudio Fontana 4/2/15
SVM: side effect of MTRR emulation Jan Kiszka 3/30/15
[siemens/jailhouse] 1ee698: x86: Prevent interference by Intel perf counters GitHub 3/30/15
[siemens/jailhouse] af8a85: x86: Add MSR whitelisting to to-do list GitHub 3/30/15
how to deal with MP system in a cell Zhangjun (V) 3/26/15
[PATCH 00/17] x86 fine tuning + error tracing Jan Kiszka 3/21/15
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