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[PATCH] inmates: arm: Fix GICv3 enabling Jan Kiszka 12:42 AM
[siemens/jailhouse] 0efcb4: inmates: arm: Fix GICv3 enabling GitHub 12:35 AM
[siemens/jailhouse] a83418: inmates: arm: Fix GICv3 enabling GitHub 12:19 AM
[siemens/jailhouse] 8875a3: configs: Fix interrupt chips in jetson system conf... GitHub 9/30/16
[siemens/jailhouse] e9a28a: arm: Push asm/psci.h to user site GitHub 9/30/16
[PATCH 00/21] Various cleanups and simplifications J. Kiszka 9/30/16
[PATCH] arm: Remove HVC dispatching to PSCI services J. Kiszka 9/30/16
[PATCH 17/21] arm: Use paging_map/unmap_device for GIC and vexpress sysregs J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 18/21] arm: Remove unused arch_map/unmap_device J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 21/21] arm: Remove some unneeded includes J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 19/21] arm: Clean up includes of asm/traps.h J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 20/21] arm: Get rid of asm/head.h J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 15/21] core: Use paging_map/unmap_device in PCI layer J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 16/21] x86: Use paging_map/unmap_device for AMD IOMMU, APIC and IOAPIC J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 14/21] core: Introduce paging_map/unmap_device J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 11/21] configs: Enable evaluation of config.h J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 01/21] arm: Avoid assignment in if clause J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 13/21] arm: Move gicd_base declarations into header J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 12/21] arm, configs: Move content of platform.h into system configuration J. Kiszka 9/29/16
[PATCH 05/21] ci: Build vexpress with GICv3 J. Kiszka 9/29/16
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