Announcements, latest updates, bug fixes of iRedMail and iRedAdmin-Pro.

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Tutorials: Setup Outlook and mobile devices with ActiveSync support Zhang Huangbin 3/2/15
Roundcube plugin: Global Address Book for SQL backends Zhang Huangbin 3/2/15
New versions of iRedAdmin-Pro have been released. Zhang Huangbin 2/2/15
New versions of iRedAdmin-Pro are available for upgrading, and upcoming license term changes Zhang Huangbin 1/31/15
FW: Roundcube security update 1.0.5 released Zhang Huangbin 1/26/15
iRedMail-0.9.0 has been released. Zhang Huangbin 12/31/14
iRedMail-0.9.0-rc2 has been released Zhang Huangbin 11/17/14
Feedback required: should iRedMail offer calendar, contacts, ActiveSync services? Zhang Huangbin 10/12/14
iRedMail-0.9.0-rc1 has been released Zhang Huangbin 10/10/14
This mailing list is now announcement-only Zhang Huangbin 10/8/14
Tutorial: How to force mail user to change password in 90 days Zhang Huangbin 10/8/14
GUIDE: Enabling Apache Solr 4.10 ( using jetty ) with, Dovecot 2.2 for fulltext search results on Centos 6 (iredmail compatible) adrian jon 10/5/14
[CVE-2014-6271] bash: specially-crafted environment variables can be used to inject shell commands Zhang Huangbin 9/24/14
Tutorial: An Ultra-HA, full Mult-Master iRedMail cluster with MariaDB, and IPVS. by Joshua Boniface Zhang Huangbin 9/21/14
Re: [iRedMail] Digest for - 25 updates in 1 topic Nate 9/19/14
Quarantine Report for users adrian jon 9/18/14
Tutorial: How to perform silent/unattended iRedMail installation Zhang Huangbin 9/3/14
Feedback require: phpMyAdmin-4.2.6 requires MySQL-5.5, what should we do on CentOS/RHEL 6? Zhang Huangbin 8/20/14
iRedMail-0.9.0-beta2 has been released. Zhang Huangbin 8/17/14
Call for testers: iRedMail-0.9.0-beta1 with CentOS 7 support. Zhang Huangbin 8/12/14
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