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ioio power Zvonimir Udovičić 12/6/15
Firmware upgrade issue using IOIODude from linux Mark z 11/29/15
Ioio v1 application software usable with ioio-OTG? Olsa Fin 11/29/15
IOIO MANAGER andY 11/29/15
Using IOIO in host mode with a non-Android Linux device Felix Hädicke 11/28/15
Beginners IOIO guide using Android Studio? Fried panseller 11/27/15
input disconnect with input_ = ioio_.openAnalogInput(40); Daniel Brown 11/20/15
IOIO-OTG PC Application Question ThePie 11/19/15
Announcing the Inventor's Kit for the IOIO-OTG Jordan McConnell 11/12/15
Am I able to control this LED strip with IOIO Fried panseller 11/10/15
ADC code complexity? Nathaniel Filardo 11/9/15
BaseIOIOLooper control flow and UART setup Eric Solomon 11/8/15
Programming IOIO-OTG using PICKIT 3 Dinesh Kumar 11/8/15
OK, so in total there is 12pcs pins tolerant with 5V? Our goal is up to 20 pin line input for 5V flow meter. Can I use also the 3.3V tolerant (square P pins) with 5V flow meters (the square wave on at 2.0-5V)? Olsa Fin 11/8/15
Ioio OTG pins with "P"? Olsa Fin 11/7/15
Suitable ports for TTL-pulse reading? Olsa Fin 11/7/15
DC motor Zvonimir Udovičić 11/6/15
Threading in IOIO Shantanu Gore 11/2/15
Version 5.05 Incompatible with Hardware ID: SPRK0020 Bootloader ID: IOIO0400 Firmware ID: IOIO0330 Praveer Gupta 10/31/15
5V Uart setup Andries Kruger 10/30/15
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