Internet Response League

Welcome to the Internet Response League! 

We believe online gamers can play a significant role 
in supporting disaster response operations worldwide.

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IRL Collaboration with MMOS and CCP Games! (Cross-post from IRL blog) Peter Mosur 4/14/15
IS this dead? Ben Cooper 5/6/14
Plugin Sounds/Music Peter Mosur 10/7/13
IRL video Peter Mosur 10/7/13
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Plugin Concept Art Peter Mosur 8/30/13
Volunteer Recognition Program mad_cat 8/30/13
IRL Web Plugin Peter Mosur 8/30/13
IRL Armor Peter Mosur 8/22/13
Suggestions and Mobile App idea Myles Athas 8/22/13
Articles about IRL Peter Mosur 8/21/13
Welcome! Peter Mosur 8/20/13