EMF-IncQuery Users


this is the group to provide support and help to the users of the EMF-IncQuery tool. 

Feel free to ask questions and we'll be glad to answer.

IMPORTANT: this group is now disabled, and preserved only for reference purposes. Please use the forums (http://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/f/255/) to get help. Our answers will be as quick as here.

The Developers

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This group is about to be disabled István Ráth 5/28/13
Metamodels of the IncQuery Emre Taspolatoglu 5/28/13
Using PatternLanguage model instances within Pattern Matcher API as Matcher? Emre Taspolatoglu 5/2/13
Matcher classes of patterns are not being generated for the further use with PatternMatcher API Emre Taspolatoglu 4/26/13
@Constraint location argument, why a String? Joost van Pinxten 1/30/13
Initializing EMF-IncQuery validators command not (always) available from context menu Joost van Pinxten 1/30/13
Allow QueryBrowser on Xtext resource? Joost van Pinxten 1/22/13
Model transformations EMF-IncQuery Joost van Pinxten 1/22/13
Pattern already set in the Map Jan Reimann 1/16/13
How to get the eContainer of an EObject? Jan Reimann 12/7/12
Re: Unable to download EMF IncQuery Ábel Hegedüs 11/26/12
How to serialise a generated PatternModel Jan Reimann 11/7/12
How to include a path in the result set and not only a single reference (i.e. transitive closure)? Jan Reimann 10/18/12
How to include subclasses in ecore models in the resulting matches of a query? Jan Reimann 10/17/12
Querying derived features Jan Reimann 10/14/12
Querying derived features Jan Reimann 10/14/12
EMF-IncQuery Release 0.6.5 István Ráth 10/3/12
Error when executing pattern from standalone Java IBWT 9/3/12
Re: Xbase visszatérési érték Bergmann Gábor 8/23/12
Launching patterns from Java program Olivier Finot 8/22/12
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