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shell editor color schemes Joaquin Abian 7/24/15
Can't update matplotlib Tobias 7/24/15
Installation 7/23/15
Re: [IEP] Traceback: No module Almar 7/23/15
Highlight matching paren/bracket/brace/quote/etc 7/23/15
No module named yoton - Using IEP with Cygwin 7/19/15
ANN: IEP now in Debian / Ubuntu 7/16/15
downloading python Othmane Zarhali 6/25/15
File Location 6/22/15
Using version Python 3.x 5/28/15
keyboard shortcut to jump focus/cursor between editor and shell subwindows? 5/22/15
Autoreload magic on startup Bill Cruickshank 5/18/15
iep icon set 2/21/15
Version 3.6 now available! Almar 2/19/15
Is it possible to run virtualenvs? 2/18/15
Unable to use raw_input() to accept user input (IEP 3.4/Python 2.7) Scott Corey 2/18/15
Adding 'send to Maya' functionality Jamie Telford 2/18/15
code completion: How to select and apply with the keyboard? 2/16/15
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