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New release -> merging Pyzo and IEP projects Almar 5/17/16
Thank you for IEP and some suggestions 4/11/16
SHowing Variables in workspace ANKAN BISWAS 4/7/16
Urgent Question Please Sanaa Abdullah 3/26/16
I have translated IEP to Chinese. Windaway 3/22/16
IEP console very slow on Arch Linux 3/15/16
Importing module Slavko Ilic 2/20/16
thanks for great editor 1/30/16
Updating scipy breaks iep 1/7/16
iep won't start up after installation Geoff Fridd 1/7/16
How to update components in IEP? 1/7/16
Can't figure out how to debug with breakpoints 1/7/16
Shell missing in IEP 12/27/15
IEP / Matplotlib on Retina Mac 12/10/15
Not able to Select word from autocomplete popup 12/5/15
Setting up an IEP shell to use a conda environment 12/2/15
Having trouble using PyQt4 10/30/15
changing background and text 10/27/15
shell terminal hidden on macOSX!! Neha Rohilla 10/21/15
IEP does not print anything after entering a debug mode Kuang Sk 10/19/15
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