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Welcome to the user forum for the Iago open source load generator. The repo is at http://github.com/twitter/iago and documentation (work in progress) is at http://twitter.github.com/iago

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Jenkins Plugin for Iago - Feedback welcome John S. 7/8/14
Urgent: How to configure test for HTTPS? Julian Rendell 7/1/14
Error while running the IAGO-0.6.14.jar file namdev mhaske 4/24/14
Problem with manifest file namdev mhaske 4/24/14
Hi, I am new to IAGO and even to JAVA can you help me creating a load test Yogesh Bhirud YRB 4/15/14
Example EchoTest Failing - Could not find main class com.twitter.parrot.launcher.LauncherMain Michael Barton 3/10/14
Class-Path: libs/null-null-nullnull.null libs/null-null-nullnull.null Michael Barton 3/10/14
Iago Release 0.6.14 WamBamBoozle 2/7/14
A basic Iago http example - feedback appreciated Julian Rendell 1/22/14
Understanding Iago metrics- is the content of parrot-server-stats.log per time bin or commulative? Julian Rendell 1/22/14
large HTTP responses Alex Gleyzer 1/6/14
Re: Maven build failed: multiple scala versions James Waldrop 11/27/13
Getting Started - Thrift Load Test Kumar Pratik 11/13/13
Load Testing for thrift API Kumar Pratik 11/8/13
How is connect_latency_ms defined? Kenji Matsuoka 11/5/13
Ramp Up to Warm Caches Before Load Test Spencer de Mars 11/1/13
Building Iago on Windows Tomasz Kowalczewski 10/28/13
Raggiana: A simple standalone Finagle stats viewer WamBamBoozle 9/6/13
iago not sending host header? Michael Hudson-Doyle 8/11/13
java http load test Baron Reznik 8/9/13
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