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Welcome to the user forum for the Iago open source load generator. The repo is at http://github.com/twitter/iago and documentation (work in progress) is at http://twitter.github.com/iago

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Error scripts/common.sh: [[: not found running examples/web André Pinto 1/14/15
Three log errors/warnings Michael Zalimeni 1/14/15
Unable to run web example Andrew Gardner 1/9/15
Should the documentation for Iago still indicate a need to recompile for ParrotConfig changes? Michael Zalimeni 12/16/14
feeder stalls due to scala.MatchError Rahul Maddimsetty 11/4/14
Administrivia James Waldrop 10/27/14
Error running web example zr 10/27/14
Http post in Iago log Chockalingam Ramaswamy 10/20/14
TCP Support? dim5b 10/15/14
Configure Iago with Mesos Chockalingam Ramaswamy 10/6/14
HTTP codec? Dobromir Montauk 10/1/14
Pure Java Restful API Example for Iago Jonathan Strickland 7/8/14
Jenkins Plugin for Iago - Feedback welcome Jonathan Strickland 7/8/14
Urgent: How to configure test for HTTPS? Julian Rendell 7/1/14
Error when trying to package EchoExample Mingmin Liu 5/29/14
Error while running the IAGO-0.6.14.jar file namdev mhaske 4/24/14
Problem with manifest file namdev mhaske 4/24/14
Hi, I am new to IAGO and even to JAVA can you help me creating a load test Yogesh Bhirud YRB 4/15/14
Example EchoTest Failing - Could not find main class com.twitter.parrot.launcher.LauncherMain Michael Barton 3/10/14
Class-Path: libs/null-null-nullnull.null libs/null-null-nullnull.null Michael Barton 3/10/14
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