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Detroit Torch OxyFuel Demo, WhenIsGood Jody Raiford 5/23/15
Arduino & NeoPixels Workshop Sunday!!! James O'Dell 5/21/15
Re: [i3Detroit] Everything LED - 2nd Chance Skaterdude 5/20/15
Mechanical brush pen prototyping help James Gray II 5/18/15
Fwd: Code Michigan Connect Jeff Sturges 5/18/15
flushing toliets affecting shower Blasted Bill 5/18/15
i3 Scholarships for Summer 2015 Jamie Burdeski 5/17/15
Potlock: Mark your calendar! June 13th, noon until 6 pm. Charlie Rysenga 5/14/15
Downtown Ferndale Invites Public to Ten-Year Visioning Session May 18 Nate_LapT 5/14/15
Knowing Who To Talk To If You Have A Problem Matt Arnold 5/14/15
Fwd: LED Class Reminder Skaterdude 5/14/15
Resign Printer Training, round 3 Andrew Meyer 5/12/15
Fwd: Maker Stuff in Shenzhen! Jeff Sturges 5/11/15
Dead washer and dryer Jody Raiford 5/11/15
Ingress Meetup Jody Raiford 5/10/15
Pegasus Touch (AKA Resin Printer) Class Andrew Meyer 5/8/15
E-lab / Winbook Drew 5/8/15
Everything LED Skaterdude 5/7/15
Cryogenic valves Capt'n Bacon 5/6/15
Waterproof Solar USB Charger Karen C 5/5/15
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