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Anyone looking for a 30W cutting laser? Jeffrey Haas 6:02 AM
Solidworks access StMaus 10/7/15
i3 is turning six! Nathaniel Bezanson 10/7/15
Lichtenberg Run Andrew Meyer 10/7/15
Sewing Machine Auction leo...@aol.com 10/5/15
synthesizer class in the main area tonight Henry Birdseye Jr. 10/5/15
Recommend me a connector, please? urbex 10/4/15
Intro weld class Jody Raiford 10/4/15
Free keyboards (or parts for art projects) Evan Allen 10/2/15
Arduino Costume Workshop - Add LEDs for Halloween - Sunday 10/11 - 2-5 pm James O'Dell 9/28/15
Mini Maker Faire at Rochester Hills Barnes & Noble kmbrown314 9/28/15
esp8266 for arduino programmers class Evan Allen 9/28/15
Internet Cat Video Festival Skaterdude 9/25/15
Synthesizer class in the Classroom at i3 Henry Birdseye Jr. 9/25/15
Modular Synthesizer class again Henry Birdseye Jr. 9/24/15
Fwd: Wordpress/Shopping Cart help Jamie Burdeski 9/23/15
Friendly reminder Jody Raiford 9/18/15
Hackerboxes are going live! Gary Morin 9/16/15
14 year old maker lead away in handcuffs Capt'n Bacon 9/16/15
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