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Digital Music Basics Class Martee Held 1/13/18
Donations, Drop offs, Free Stuff Nicholas Hess 1/1/18
[HAM] Hazel Park Hamfest / Electronics swap - 1/28/18 Reuven Z Gevaryahu 1/1/18
Steel flowers Jeff Lockhart 12/20/17
Who wants to weld? Jeff Lockhart 12/19/17
Follow-up to Art-to-Part Class Skaterdude 12/16/17
Moving an organ - suggestions or assistance n8vi 12/16/17
Art-to-Part Class - Tonight! Skaterdude 12/12/17
Epoxy Resin Art Painting, 12/16 1-3 pm James O'Dell 12/11/17
New Class: Digital Music Basics, Jan 14 Jennifer Nagle 12/11/17
Deck Your Halls: Wreath Workshop Jennifer Nagle 12/11/17
Art to Part: A Brief Intro to FreeCAD and 3D Printing Skaterdude 12/8/17
Epoxy Resin Art Painting, 12/13 7-9 pm James O'Dell 12/6/17
TEACHERS NEEDED quovadisho...@gmail.com 11/28/17
Fwd: [Sketching] UX/IXD/ID/Prototyping Internship at PARC Jeff Sturges 11/27/17
Comp Sci Teacher & Maker-In-Residence at Georgetown Country Day School Jeff Sturges 11/24/17
Fwd: Science Gallery Lab Detroit Open Call for Projects Jeff Sturges 11/24/17
Mi3D November Meetup - mUVe 3D Printing (Grand Rapids, MI) Chris Kaminsky 11/17/17
New Class series: Manners Maketh Man Jennifer Nagle 11/14/17
Resin Art Painting Class at i3, Saturday, 11/11, 1-4 pm James O'Dell 11/7/17
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