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Maker Faire After Party 7/30 Samantha 8:03 PM
HOPE 11 in NYC Edward L Platt 7/25/16
pi zero David Henry 7/23/16
VR Meetup 8/20/2016 SWiT 7/20/16
Intro to Welding class Jody Raiford 7/18/16
Kittens! Andrew Meyer 7/17/16
Visiting, tours, etc? Edward L Platt 7/12/16
Help Tony Slover 7/9/16
Crash Course Computer Science seeking host Edward L Platt 7/8/16
Pinball expo in Rochester, Vintage Electronics expo in Kalamazoo this weekend Nathaniel Bezanson 7/7/16
Coming to i3Detroit tonight? leo...@aol.com 7/7/16
Computer problem Martee Held 6/28/16
No Friday Nite Tours at i3Detroit on 7/1 sp...@thewynngroup.net 6/28/16
Upcoming i3Detroit sewing events jan.m.henry.3 6/22/16
Open Craft Room Canceled: 6/12 Kevin Flory 6/12/16
Craft Room Potluck Special! Kevin Flory 6/10/16
What would you do with $750 bbiller 6/9/16
Eastern Michigan Python Users Group Monthly Meetup - June 25th @ 1pm Jonathan Baginski 6/8/16
ATMEL development opening fba...@newlinebuilders.net 6/7/16
Does anyone have an engine hoist I could borrow? bbiller 6/6/16
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