hugin and other free panoramic software

Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more.
This group is for user and developer discussion of Free panoramic software including Hugin, a list of frequently asked questions is available at:

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Pretty new at Hugin...can't figure out how to get images into proper order Lucinda Q. Lovelace 9/29/16
Can't load TIFFs into Hugin? Benjamin Beierman 9/29/16
more photos? Michael Havens 9/29/16
optimizer tab Michael Havens 9/29/16
Interacting with large images? bugbear 9/29/16
Mirror? bugbear 9/27/16
first attempt at a spherical pano Michael Havens 9/26/16
Source code review Bernd D 9/26/16
Hugin 2016.2 released T. Modes 9/25/16
Multi row product panoramas Phillip Allen-Baines 9/21/16
Hugin, mac osx el capitan and photos Peter Johnston 9/19/16
Samsung Gear 360 photos help Vassil Mladjov 9/19/16
Every year the same cramp? Set @api-max in hugin's plugin scripts. kornel 9/17/16
hugin shouldn't stitch in root. Michael Havens 9/16/16
Hugin 2016.2 RC2 released T. Modes 9/15/16
360 degree panorama tutorial Michael Havens 9/14/16
Using Hugin command line in Django web application Krishn Bera 9/14/16
[patch] hugin: typo successful Andreas Metzler 9/13/16
Stitching untypical photo objects (reflective, people, analog scans) Abrimaal 9/6/16
Panorama preview after aligning doesn't look right Josh Meisels 9/5/16
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