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Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more.
This group is for user and developer discussion of Free panoramic software including Hugin, a list of frequently asked questions is available at:

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Control points editor / Line detection / Projection of a single image Abrimaal 3:06 PM
this thread: "hugin has become unusable for me" helps enormously Mike Maas 12/6/16
Is there a way to turn off the photometrics exposure and white balance correction for all images all the time? Mike Maas 12/6/16
PTBatcher deprecated, how to work around this? Thomas Güttler 12/6/16
programmed DR manipulation? bugbear 12/6/16
Status of autopano-sift-c? Groogle 12/6/16
regarding my last msg which is awaiting moderation Mike Maas 12/5/16
French translation document DK09 12/4/16
Italian help files T. Modes 12/3/16
Aligning photos of the same scene with a moving body of water jan t 12/2/16
PTBatcherGUI misses an option to terminate GUI after finish Thomas Güttler 12/2/16
Translate tuto in French Sunny 11/29/16
Hugin.exe does not start Martin Seelig 11/27/16
Loading Pitch, Roll, Yaw Oswaldo Alejandro Bayona Andrade 11/25/16
Enblend: Compilation problem with gcc 4.8 kornel 11/25/16
Grid / Projection modification - customize Abrimaal 11/25/16
Hugin issue with GTK+3 Tduell 11/22/16
what is the ppa Michael 11/17/16
Questions about relastionship between roll, pitch, yaw adn homography 王浩宇 11/7/16
Seams in enblend maestromarius 11/7/16
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