Philips Hue Hackers

Philips Hue Hackers mailing list is dedicated to discussions related to reverse engineering of the Philips Hue. The mailing list was created in order to collect information known about the Philips Hue in one place.

Mailing list e-mail address:
Hue Hub API Documentation: (

Known libraries:

- Ruhue (Ruby):

Known articles and discussion boards:

- Hack the Hue - Ross McKillop:
- A Day with Philips Hue:
- Every Hue — a hue forum:

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ZigBee Pieter De Mil 8/18/16
Hosted Hub API documentation Kim Burgestrand 11/13/12
Ordering Hue Tap and GU10 Bulbs from the UK Saifullah Akram 8/29/16
New Philips Hue API written in Go Gabriel Aszalos 8/29/16
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Script to react to Emergency email 5/21/16
Bulb Production Costs Alexis Leibbrandt 5/21/16
Control Hue Bulb Without Bridge Fabrício Lélis 4/6/16
google script vs hue angelo sebastianelli 4/4/16
Control Home Appliances from Hue App and Bridge 2.0 Paolo Paolino 3/22/16
Controlling Philips Hue Nick Hallowell 3/7/16
Timers that know when I'm home James Abbott 2/14/16
Lights 1/8/16
How bridge is exposed to internet? Ilya Pukhalski 12/16/14
Website De-Indexing? Riyal Morshad 12/2/14
Title: Website De-Indexing? Riyal Morshad 12/2/14
Hue app with non hue bulbs / RGB lights Botacco 11/7/14
Hue Tap Lars Petersen 10/14/14
Hue Base Station not found on local network (Airport Express as DHCP router + Hue + Bloom) Kevin Siwoff 6/17/14
Code to pulse a bulb Christopher Ambler 4/30/14
does anyone have a good working conversion matrix from RGB colors to Hue CIE colors Dale Schultz 4/23/14
Ethical Hacking with Guru99 Chirag Sharma 2/23/14
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