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"Maximalist" shoes in the NY Times wilberfan 2/25/15
Why strength coaches don't know endurance training- Domain Expertise, Chronic Cardio, and Confirmation Bias gordo 2/23/15
Jogging dose and U-shaped curves gordo 2/20/15
Strengthening your Gluteus Medius – do exercises like the Clam or a side lying leg lift actually do anything? gordo 2/20/15
Video about Krupicka at UTMB Michael 2/20/15
Joe Friel on duration vs distance gordo 2/18/15
Good article about cognitive dissonance, filter bubbles, and small like-minded groups(like ours) gordo 2/18/15
OT Diet: Still beating up Taubes gordo 2/17/15
Stretching Jacques Blaauw 2/16/15
OT Diet: In Defense of Ancel Keys - a must read if you're still eating a high fat diet gordo 2/15/15
Ruby Muir wins Tarawera ... without her VFFs gordo 2/15/15
OT: Oh Man, I missed it. gordo 2/14/15
Rogaining article gordo 2/13/15
Matthew McConaughey to star in Born to Run movie drunkmonckey 2/11/15
Vibram has a new stickier sole compound ... MegaGrip gordo 2/11/15
Vivobarefoot Porto (Lisbon) review (and 15% off) at John (NoVa) 2/10/15
I crushed my feet again and I need advice (Pics...don't look) Sean Gavor 2/10/15
OT - Microbiome - Hysteresis Viking Runner 2/10/15
OT - Diet: Defining terms. What do I mean by paleo, Paleo, and Keteo? gordo 2/10/15
OT - Microbiome - Microbiome Mapping of NYC Subway system Viking Runner 2/10/15
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