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Do quarter squats transfer best to sprinting? gordo 7/27/16
"Why Exercise Really is the Best Medicine" by Daniel Lieberman gordo 7/26/16
Interesting EP interview with some views that oppose conventional ultrarunning wisdom gordo 7/26/16
Why texting and driving is so dangerous gordo 7/24/16
Laminating Huaraches Ben Pangie 7/22/16
Black flies Michael 7/22/16
Hello, new here (NYC) Daniel Louzonis 7/22/16
Help me figure out what to think about this! wilberfan 7/21/16
Pain Michael 7/21/16
Dialing in Heart Rate Sean Butler 7/21/16
Can running make you smarter? Dan Mozell 7/21/16
MRIs, Achilles, and Bursas Ben Pangie 7/21/16
Armstrong sets a new course record.... Viking Runner 7/18/16
Saturday Huntington Beach, CA Dan Mozell 7/17/16
different take on plantar fasciitis Lawrence Smith 7/13/16
Making contact for the first met? Peter Sjögren 7/12/16
Bekele is not going to Rio... Viking Runner 7/11/16
Farmbot... Viking Runner 7/11/16
Dibaba reflexive running form.... Viking Runner 7/11/16
System Administrator(Linux and Unix)-IL Rohit Sharma 7/11/16
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