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Help. Injured knee. Had to leave 5fingers for a shoe ronloves2trikke 3/22/17
Ridiculous magazine covers. Peter Sjögren 3/22/17
Jerzy - The Happy Body Viking Runner 3/21/17
Re: [Minimalist Runner:157772] SAP WM(Warehouse Management) Consultant--CA RIlindo Foster 3/17/17
Glute imbalances... Viking Runner 3/15/17
Have you guys discussed these shoes yet? (NYTIMES) wilberfan 3/12/17
A 5 looper.... Viking Runner 3/7/17
More two-hour marathon calculation/speculation gordo 3/6/17
Luna sandals 2017 line problem Mikko Raita 3/5/17
And here I thought Strava was kind of personal gordo 3/3/17
...another perspective of anterior femoral glide... Viking Runner 3/3/17
Steve's got him a new book gordo 3/3/17
99 year old upsets 92 year old at 100m Lawrence Smith 3/1/17
Ketogenic diets and athletic performance, some new studies gordo 2/28/17
Alberto Salazar used banned drugs to boost athlete performance | Viking Runner 2/27/17
"Why facts don't change our minds" Luis Manuel 2/25/17
Today's run Dan Mozell 2/24/17
Nike's self lacing shoes: The Hyperadapt gordo 2/22/17
Anyone tried these shoes? Dan Mozell 2/22/17
Barefoot Autism Challenge Barefoot TJ 2/16/17
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