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The small intestine, not the liver, is the first stop for processing fructose | Science News Viking Runner 2/14/18
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Taubes and Teicholz at it again... Viking Runner 1/30/18
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Ski Bindings Denise Skidmore 1/9/18
Dialing in nutrition... Viking Runner 1/8/18
National Geographic: This Artificial Muscle Is As Strong As an Elephant. And It Costs Cents to Make. Viking Runner 1/5/18
Xeroshoes James Morris 1/1/18
Paper on Toe Function Primal Matt 12/21/17
Why HIIT does not burn much fat, and why it doesn’t matter gordo 12/16/17
Attention shoppers: Luna mystery sale gordo 12/12/17
OT: Still IFing? gordo 12/9/17
Using Crispr as a binary or... Viking Runner 12/7/17
Swearing Boosts Physical Power (+5%, Wingate) & Muscular Strength (Grip) gordo 11/29/17
Attention shoppers - Vibram Five Fingers Trek Ascent Shoes gordo 11/27/17
Standing long jump (or broad jump) John (NoVa) 11/21/17
Older men need more protein to maintain muscles gordo 11/21/17
Weck Method gordo 11/19/17
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