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RW magazine Grant Miller 2/1/16
Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation to Physical Activity in Adult Humans gordo 2/1/16
BPA free water bottles ... no free lunch gordo 2/1/16
Anti-gravity shoes Lawrence Smith 1/31/16
Ryan Hall: Speed v. Volume Michael 1/31/16
Eating fat Michael 1/30/16
OT Evolution - We're the Only Animals With Chins, and No One Knows Why gordo 1/28/16
Carl Lewis Viking Runner 1/27/16
OT - Diet: Wheat flour versus rice consumption and vascular diseases gordo 1/27/16
OT - Too much fiber... Viking Runner 1/26/16
Altra Womens Lone Peak 2.0 on Massdrop gordo 1/25/16
Luna sizing discovery gordo 1/24/16
OT - The Eskimo Tale and Omega 3s Viking Runner 1/22/16
the Sub 2? Grant Miller 1/20/16
New Romanov book, "The Running Revolution" gordo 1/20/16
Jason Robillard's new book "Trail Running and Ultramarathons" gordo 1/18/16
Ryan Hall calls it quits -- burnout... Lawrence Smith 1/18/16
Optimal method for making bullet proof coffee gordo 1/18/16
OT - Microbiome social interaction is like... Viking Runner 1/16/16
OT - Microbiome Viking Runner 1/15/16
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