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[Minimalist Runner:28600] So, you wanna start running barefoot? Barefoot Ted 11/18/12
OT - Taubes really stretching things to defend LC gordo 6:06 PM
So what are you working on strength wise? Viking Runner 2:48 PM
Did Scott Ruin it for Everyone Else? wilberfan 12:39 PM
So I've gone kinda Paleo... Nick J 8/29/15
Understanding the iliotibial band gordo 8/28/15
Rolling Averages Ben Pangie 8/28/15
where have all the barefoot big kid shoes gone hipsands 8/28/15
Great Rant Against Fitness Marketers Jacque Harper 8/28/15
Overload injuries in barefoot/minimal footwear running: evidence from crowd sourcing gordo 8/27/15
Leaving Jacques Blaauw 8/27/15
Ultra runners are just nuts gordo 8/26/15
Barefoot runner at the athletics world championship Burkhard 8/26/15
More doping allegations pointed towards Alberto Salazar Nick J 8/25/15
Mo Farah wins the 10k IAAF WC Michael 8/23/15
Acute effect of 30 min of accumulated versus continuous brisk walking on insulin sensitivity in young Asian adults gordo 8/22/15
Figured out what the tingling was ... gordo 8/22/15
The smart shirt, latest in geek chic for athletes gordo 8/21/15
LC breathing problems? gordo 8/21/15
OT: "If only her ancestors had mastered the secret of fire" wilberfan 8/21/15
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