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[Minimalist Runner:28600] So, you wanna start running barefoot? Barefoot Ted 11/18/12
Piriformis Michael 1:55 PM
OT: At last ... my excuse to eat pizza, drink beer, even munch a few Cheetos ... gordo 12:24 PM
OT: Small Amounts of Gluten ... Josh Rotenberg 12:00 PM
A possible downside of high ketone levels? gordo 11:32 AM
OT Diet: Colpo goes off on some poor Keteo clown gordo 9:07 AM
OT: Emulsifiers promote colitis, obesity and metabolic syndrome gordo 8:41 AM
google fu migangelo 8:39 AM
Steve Magness podcasts gordo 8:35 AM
OT: Death(hopefully) of the p value gordo 7:37 AM
Surprised Tuck hasn't jumped on this yet ... gordo 7:29 AM
Fat Ass Ben Pangie 6:07 AM
Runblogger survey results are in ... gordo 4:13 AM
Good for them Rich Frantz 2/25/15
"Maximalist" shoes in the NY Times wilberfan 2/25/15
Why strength coaches don't know endurance training- Domain Expertise, Chronic Cardio, and Confirmation Bias gordo 2/23/15
Jogging dose and U-shaped curves gordo 2/20/15
Strengthening your Gluteus Medius – do exercises like the Clam or a side lying leg lift actually do anything? gordo 2/20/15
Video about Krupicka at UTMB Michael 2/20/15
Joe Friel on duration vs distance gordo 2/18/15
Good article about cognitive dissonance, filter bubbles, and small like-minded groups(like ours) gordo 2/18/15
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