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[Minimalist Runner:28600] So, you wanna start running barefoot? Barefoot Ted 11/18/12
Three deer lunch run Dan Mozell 5:38 AM
OT - Diet - Paleo Diet critique gordo 5:04 AM
Running Technique Spectrum Dan Mozell 7/11/14
Article about barefoot vs shod gordo 7/11/14
OT - exercise and weight loss gordo 7/11/14
Teva casual shoes that looks minimalist (Cedar Canyon chukka) John (NoVa) 7/11/14
88,000 vertical feet in a day gordo 7/11/14
Topics-just curious Dan Mozell 7/10/14
Arizona meetup Rich Frantz 7/10/14
The tone Dan Mozell 7/9/14
Has anyone tried on the Patagonia Rover? gordo 7/9/14
VG shoe repair Lawrence Smith 7/8/14
Yoga Viking Runner 7/8/14
VFF golf shoe might work on trails ... gordo 7/7/14
Gotta love the Brits ... gordo 7/7/14
New Balance HI-REZ xtrasweetsoulandsole 7/4/14
Made me think of the, uh, discussions in here... wilberfan 7/3/14
Barefoot hike Dan Mozell 7/3/14
Happy Independence Day Dan Mozell 7/3/14
downhills...or rather, down cliffs Matthew Ashton 7/1/14
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