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[Minimalist Runner:28600] So, you wanna start running barefoot? Barefoot Ted 11/18/12
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Ankle Michael 1/17/17
Anterior femoral glide...AFG Viking Runner 1/13/17
Magness - Crank the hip Michael 1/10/17
How to Teach Motor Control to Motor Challenged Clients | GMB Fitness Viking Runner 1/9/17
Barefoot Runner vs Minimalist Runner vs Actual Clown in a 6 Day Race Sean Gavor 1/9/17
Garmin Connect Denise Skidmore 1/9/17
OT...New Yanomami tribe Viking Runner 1/9/17
Maybe one method does not fit all Dan Mozell 1/6/17
Plantar Fasciitis and the Barefoot Runner Hollywood bob 1/5/17
OT - Perfect milk? Viking Runner 12/31/16
To plank or not to plank... Viking Runner 12/29/16
OT: "After Weight-Loss Surgery, a Year of Joys and Disappointments" (NY Times) wilberfan 12/28/16
OT: I hope nobody here is still taking fish oil ... gordo 12/27/16
Topo Athletic MT-2 And Ultrafly Review gordo 12/26/16
Red toes Ben Pangie 12/24/16
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