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[Minimalist Runner:28600] So, you wanna start running barefoot? Barefoot Ted 11/18/12
OT Evolution - Getting big headed gordo 6:49 AM
Recovery guide gordo 12/5/16
Glycogen related water weight - a measurement gordo 12/2/16
OT: "Bodies Fight to Gain Weight" wilberfan 11/28/16
Simply Shod Ben Pangie 11/25/16
An asinine idea... Peter Sjögren 11/25/16
Justin Gatlin runs 9.45!! Breaks Usain Bolt 100m World Record!!!! Viking Runner 11/24/16
Cerutty vs Lydiard Viking Runner 11/23/16
Making contact for the first met? Peter Sjögren 11/23/16
Plantar Fasciitis and the Barefoot Runner Hollywood bob 11/23/16
Interesting Info (Open Access Ahead of Print) SamNE 11/21/16
Percy Cerutty- The Eccentric Stotan gordo 11/20/16
Graston technique.... Viking Runner 11/7/16
This hot, buff Chinese model is 80 years old | New York Post LF 11/6/16
Optimizing footwear for older people at risk of falls gordo 11/6/16
Sticking my neck out NYCM... Viking Runner 11/6/16
Re: [Minimalist Runner:157400] How's my form? Viking Runner 11/4/16
Morning workouts vs regular movement, effect on blood glucose throughout day. gordo 10/30/16
New trans-America record gordo 10/28/16
Vibram Arctic Grip -- Merrell Lawrence Smith 10/27/16
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