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MultiXml::ParseError: Entity 'iacute' not defined 11/13/17
SSLv3 error while connecting to API using httparty.get bv abhishek 9/11/17
trouble sending API response as AJAX response Joel Williams 5/8/17
Send array in JSON POST request with HTTParty Ruben Martinez Jr. 3/22/17
redirection on post to api NAWAZ SHERIF 3/9/17
Logging raw requests and responses with HTTParty Mark Campbell 10/7/16
HTTParty with API auth Dave Tapley 9/15/16
EOFError: end of file reached ERROR please HELP! Harsh Trivedi 7/8/16
Install fails on radpberi pi Norman Guinasso 7/8/16
read a web page by providing the access token vinodh kumar Basavani 1/8/16
Method headers overriding default_options[:headers] Jordan Gardner 9/2/15
Duplicating a curl command vanderkerkoff 8/6/15
Copying a curl command with httparty vanderkerkoff 8/5/15
Some API returns 'utf8' in charset section of Content-Type header so Encode.find could not find Юра Куликов 6/6/15
Using httparty question Андрей Волков 4/2/15
Unable to use HTTParty; Uninitialized constant or cannot load such file errors Mike Kreisher 3/29/15
SSL issueSSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed (OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError) sai krishna 8/7/14
Chunked responses in constant space Michael Xavier 5/16/14
How to deal with duplicate query params as an array? Andrew Havens 5/15/14
Undefined method `base_uri' for nil:NilClass Error in Production Dmitri Moore 5/5/14
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