HTTParty Gem

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Undefined method `base_uri' for nil:NilClass Error in Production Dmitri Moore 4/17/14
Printing Out Raw Request hwrdprkns 4/3/14
Is there a better way to log request body? Eric Francis 3/17/14
Handling exceptions Dennis de Vaal 3/14/14
Handling exceptions Dennis de Vaal 3/14/14
how to login this website 3/1/14
Seeing how this works.... first time user and understanding of json... Gustavo Pares 2/13/14
SSL request without certification Michel Pigassou 12/31/13
non-ssl requests on port 443 John Chesley 12/2/13
Parameters Missing Johnathon Wright 6/26/13
Twitter search API: "Unauthorized" through HTTParty but successful via Curl Pascal Lindelauf 6/10/13
Authentication remembered across PUTs Ben Hidalgo 3/28/13
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