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Seminar: Frequency Licensing 101, Oct 16 @ 4:30PM, UH Manoa Jeremy Chan 10/12/13
On Oahu Tuesday - anyone up for dinner? JerryIsdale 10/8/13
Maui guy visiting Oahu JerryIsdale 10/1/13
Another kick starter 3d printer ($400!!!!) Matt Berry 9/21/13
Sparkfun National Tour coming to Hawaii Jason Axelson 9/16/13
Making gears? JerryIsdale 9/13/13
unexpectedly leafleting the Convention Center this week James Salsman 9/9/13
Fwd: Invitation to a Power Pallet demonstration in Hawaii JerryIsdale 9/6/13
Looking to signup for a membership, and I was wondering if you might accept Bitcoin? The Ta'a Pyland 9/4/13
Talk/Workshop on the Tools at HI Capacity Marion 9/4/13
setting up a geo-data website for rad readings JerryIsdale 9/2/13
Leap Motion/Second Life/Thing-o-Matic? James Salsman 9/2/13
I tried visiting this weekend webdawg 8/19/13
Programming is Sweet Marion 8/17/13
Front Box Jelly areas closed tomorrow through Monday Jason Axelson 8/17/13
Curators at HI Capacity Marion 8/15/13
Got Bitcoin? Marion 8/13/13
Node.js and Node Knockout prep session tomorrow Jason Axelson 8/12/13
Is anyone working on a resin printer? Ryan 8/10/13
Hack and Flick Bob Matcuk 7/11/13
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