Homotopy Type Theory

Discussion of Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations

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computing K Michael Shulman 4/26/17
LFMTP '17 (Oxford, UK) Call for papers Kristina Sojakova 4/20/17
1-Year Senior Researcher in HoTT Steve Awodey 4/18/17
Logic Colloquium 2017:,Second Announcement and Call for Submissions and Participation palmgren 4/10/17
Conjecture Martin Hotzel Escardo 4/7/17
Call for Contributions: Foundations for Practical Formalization of Mathematics Benedikt Ahrens 3/29/17
Two PhD positions in Ljubljana starting October 2017 Andrej Bauer 3/28/17
about the HTS v v 3/23/17
Seeking a lecturer for 8 hrs on proof-assistants in Padua Steve Awodey 3/14/17
Birmingham Fellows: prestige posts available Martin Hotzel Escardo 3/3/17
weak univalence with "beta" implies full univalence Dan Licata 2/28/17
Call for participation: Workshop on Computer-aided Mathematical Proof, Cambridge UK, 10-14 July 2017 Andrew Pitts 2/23/17
PhD position in Homotopy Type Theory Benno van den Berg 2/16/17
Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2017 v v 2/7/17
Math Research Communities on Homotopy Type Theory, June 4-10, 2017, Snowbird UT Krzysztof Kapulkin 2/2/17
mathematics subject classification for HoTT Egbert 1/25/17
new preprint available coquand 1/19/17
PhD position at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam Benno van den Berg 1/10/17
some model categories coquand 12/29/16
a new paper v v 12/16/16
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