Homotopy Type Theory

Discussion of Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations

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visiting researcher position in HoTT at CMU Steve Awodey 7/27/15
Re: [HoTT] Voevodsky on formalizing type theory Martín Escardó 7/19/15
Regarding the Universal Constant Map Gershom B 7/19/15
universe polymorphism problem v v 7/19/15
Re: [HoTT] universe-polymorphic assumptions Martín Escardó 7/15/15
Voevodsky on formalizing type theory Bas Spitters 7/14/15
Re: [Agda] question about a form of irrelevance elimination Neelakantan Krishnaswami 7/14/15
universe-polymorphic assumptions Michael Shulman 7/13/15
Locally Cartesian Closed Quasicategories from Type Theory Bas Spitters 7/13/15
Inductives via parametricity (was Re: [HoTT] universe-polymorphic assumptions) Jason Gross 7/9/15
Periodic HoTT? Eric Finster 7/3/15
a cubical type theory coquand 7/3/15
Martin-Lof's J is just Yoneda Martín Escardó 7/2/15
Moderation is now off Andrej Bauer 7/2/15
Judgemental equality crisis Martín Escardó 7/1/15
Certified Programs and Proofs (CPP 2016) Jeremy 6/10/15
HoTT Postdoc Available Steve Awodey 5/22/15
Fwd: Types-announce Digest, Vol 113, Issue 11 Steve Awodey 5/21/15
Lurie on univalent foundations: "no comment" Bas Spitters 5/19/15
Vacancies in "Computational Aspects of Univalence" at UiB (Norway) Marc Bezem 5/12/15
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