Homotopy Type Theory

Discussion of Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations

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new slides v v 9/23/16
CoqPL 2017: Call for Presentations for the Workshop on Coq for Programming Languages Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias 9/22/16
Semantic Success Condition for the definability of Semi-Simplicial Types Dimitris Tsementzis 9/21/16
A puzzle about "univalent equality" Andrew Polonsky 9/19/16
In case you haven’t heard what’s going on in Leicester … Martin Hotzel Escardo 9/16/16
weak univalence with "beta" implies full univalence Dan Licata 9/15/16
Postdoctoral position in univalent foundations and type theory at the IAS v v 9/12/16
Meta-conjecture about MLTT Martin Hotzel Escardo 9/12/16
Workshop on Categorical Logic and Univalent Foundations: slides available Christian Sattler 8/15/16
Cubical sets and the topological topos Bas Spitters 8/8/16
Fwd: Fellowship Opportunity for < 5 yrs from PhD - Power of Information v v 8/7/16
post-doc at Wesleyan Dan Licata 8/5/16
ICMS 2016 most special session slides added v v 7/28/16
FOMUS slides v v 7/26/16
CFP: special issue of JAR on HoTT and univalent foundations nicolas tabareau 7/25/16
What's so great about decidable proof checking? Matt Oliveri 7/20/16
Different notions of equality; terminology Andrew Polonsky 7/19/16
Fwd: [PVS] tenure track position in Theoretical Computer Science v v 7/8/16
Guarded Cubical Type Theory Bas Spitters 6/24/16
PhD thesis: On the homotopy groups of spheres in homotopy type theory Guillaume Brunerie 6/21/16
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