Homotopy Type Theory

Discussion of Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations

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new preprint available coquand 1/19/17
PhD position at the ILLC, University of Amsterdam Benno van den Berg 1/10/17
some model categories coquand 12/29/16
a new paper v v 12/16/16
CoqPL 2017: Call for Participation [registration is open] Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias 12/8/16
Deadline extension: JAR special issue on HoTT/UF Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine 11/18/16
tenure-track and postdoctoral positions at UWO Dan Christensen 11/7/16
fully funded graduate positions in Math at UWO Dan Christensen 11/7/16
Is [Equiv Type_i Type_i] contractible? Matthieu Sozeau 10/31/16
Connected 1-Types Валерий Исаев 10/31/16
HoTT library Bas Spitters 10/25/16
Great News from Stockholm Steve Awodey 10/24/16
weak univalence with "beta" implies full univalence Dan Licata 10/16/16
Joyal equivalence II Martin Hotzel Escardo 10/13/16
Re: Joyal's version of the notion of equivalence Martin Hotzel Escardo 10/13/16
Summer opportunities at the IAS v v 10/12/16
Math Research Communities on Homotopy Type Theory, June 4-10, 2017, Snowbird UT Krzysztof Kapulkin 10/5/16
The Cayley-Dickson Construction in HoTT Ulrik Buchholtz 10/5/16
new slides v v 9/23/16
CoqPL 2017: Call for Presentations for the Workshop on Coq for Programming Languages Emilio Jesús Gallego Arias 9/22/16
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