Homotopy Type Theory

Discussion of Homotopy Type Theory and Univalent Foundations

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2nd Call for Contributions and Participation: Workshop on HoTT/UF (with FSCD 2017) Anders Mörtberg 6/20/17
Is "classical" Hedberg's Theorem true? Andrew Polonsky 6/20/17
PSSL 101, September 16th-17th, Leeds (UK) Nicola Gambino 6/19/17
Semantics of higher inductive types Michael Shulman 6/7/17
Logic Colloquium 2017: Call for Registration and Participation ** Deadline for early registration: June 9, 2017 ** palmgren 6/1/17
Does MLTT have "or"? Martín Hötzel Escardó 5/15/17
cubical stacks coquand 5/14/17
Temporary HOTT-positions Marc Bezem 5/7/17
[UniMath] some thoughts v v 5/5/17
notation coquand 5/4/17
Call for Contributions: Workshop on HoTT/UF (with FSCD 2017) Anders Mörtberg 5/4/17
Post-Doctoral Researcher in HoTT awodey 5/3/17
Logic Colloquium 2017: Final Call for Submissions ** Deadline for abstract submissions: May 5 ** palmgren 4/28/17
computing K Michael Shulman 4/27/17
LFMTP '17 (Oxford, UK) Call for papers Kristina Sojakova 4/20/17
1-Year Senior Researcher in HoTT Steve Awodey 4/18/17
Logic Colloquium 2017:,Second Announcement and Call for Submissions and Participation palmgren 4/10/17
Conjecture Martín Hötzel Escardó 4/7/17
Call for Contributions: Foundations for Practical Formalization of Mathematics Benedikt Ahrens 3/29/17
Two PhD positions in Ljubljana starting October 2017 Andrej Bauer 3/28/17
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