This group is for the use of residents of Hayfield Road, Oxford, England. It provides a simple method of communicating with those residents of the street who also choose to be members. Have a look at the archives (below) if you are unsure whether you wish to join or not.

You can join by sending an email to  hayfieldroad+subscribe@googlegroups.com. If you decide you don't like it you can leave by sending an email to  hayfieldroad+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. To send an email to the group, address email to hayfieldroad@googlegroups.com.

Any problems, drop me a note: jonathan dot clark at whatho dot net

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Plumbers & Central Heating rona cant 10/11/16
Re: [Hayfield Road] Abridged summary of hayfie...@googlegroups.com - 1 update in 1 topic Jonathan Clark 10/10/16
A room needed for my friend / domestic help / cleaning also offered J Dyson 10/10/16
plumbers and central heating frances rubin 10/10/16
New organic shop in Summertown catherine.m.robinson 9/28/16
Dentist mrh...@btconnect.com 9/27/16
Very weird man about: Women (cyclists) beware in north Oxford J Dyson 9/19/16
cat needs home C THORNTON 9/16/16
Gardener needed catherine.m.robinson 9/8/16
another parking permit crisis Catherine Hilliard 9/8/16
parking permit kevin hilliard 9/3/16
Offer of babysitting Charlotte Paradise 9/1/16
Fw: Missing cat catherine.m.robinson 8/25/16
Fwd: August's Results J Dyson 8/23/16
Fwd: Rise in Garage and Shed Breaks frances rubin 8/4/16
Bicycle racks frances rubin 8/4/16
Garage thefts in area frances rubin 8/1/16
Chiropractor rona cant 8/1/16
Going Going...Gone.... frances rubin 7/31/16
Books rona cant 7/30/16
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