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Whatifz.com released, powered by ufront Kevin ResoL 8/24/15
allow variance of property types? Raoul Duke 8/23/15
Any Haxe meetup groups in New York? Damion Murray 8/23/15
how to parse json into a StringMap (without knowing the name of the values in advance) Nathan Hüsken 8/23/15
IDEA: HXML parallel process Jörg Wasmeier 8/23/15
Type switch in a @:generic function Haxiomic 8/22/15
Try my Screen Manager framework [OpenFL framework] Creative Magic 8/21/15
Use hxcpp to build a library used in a c++ project Nathan Hüsken 8/21/15
Pixelbound: Ultimate bounding box tool, written in Haxe James Hofmann 8/21/15
Video tutorials for those who don't like reading Luke Selman 8/20/15
how far is C# support? Can one create libraries to be used in xamarin? Nathan Hüsken 8/20/15
How about a performance test suite for all Haxe frameworks Robert Konrad 8/19/15
hxcpp-debugger doens't break Christian Afonso Ferreira 8/19/15
haxe-watchify luca mezzalira 8/19/15
Strange errors with SPOD and binary data Nathan Hüsken 8/19/15
weird fileInput.eof( ) behaviour and workaround !? Kaj88 8/19/15
Build macro for functions Nathan Hüsken 8/19/15
WWX2015 videos ! clemos 8/18/15
HAXE Developer Anne van der Burg 8/17/15
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