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Haxe game for PS4 and Xbox One to be published in January 2017 Laurens 8:46 AM
Types dependency graph? Philippe Elsass 7:53 AM
Very weird bug with simple conditional replaced by _$UInt_UInt_$Impl_$.gt(var1, var2) (hate to js) Thomas John 7:11 AM
Haxe 3.4 Compilation error (debug mode) Pablo Martin 12/5/16
Function optional argument catching with subclasses Marcin Kotz 12/5/16
Haxe 3.4.0-rc1 has been released! Simon Krajewski 12/5/16
C++ executable does not work on hells.gu...@gmail.com 12/4/16
Persistend data structures in pure Haxe? Cambiata 12/1/16
Is hashlink meant to replace neko someday? Skyler Parr 12/1/16
etherplay.io beta wighawag 11/30/16
js to nodejs async remoting? JLM 11/29/16
Haxe on the Raspberry Pi Rafael Oliveira 11/28/16
Detect used argument type at compile time Marcin Kotz 11/28/16
Haxe as an embeddable scripting language? Leff Ivanov 11/28/16
TweenXCore has been released Shohei S 11/27/16
compiling HashLink on OSX theRemix 11/26/16
Re: [haxe] Re: How To Copy A UTF-8 Object? tondy 11/25/16
Problem embedded exe to run like Engima Virtual Box or BoxedApp Packer?? Jens Eckervogt 11/25/16
Android Loader take too much time to response Xilo 11/24/16
Uncaught exception - Maximum size reached Henrique Oliveira 11/24/16
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