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Arbitrary crashes at size 0 Li-yao Xia 4/30/17
Support for vector-0.11.* Ben Lippmeier 2/27/17
LLVM Polly Alex Mason 2/13/17
Paper permissions on cse.unsw.edu.au Alex Mason 2/11/17
How is repa implemented? alan hawkins 6/9/16
94% Instruction fetch stall. Daniel Hill 5/31/16
Support for vector-0.11.* Eric Crockett 10/14/15
Using repa with test-framework Eric Crockett 10/7/15
Hackage documentation for repa- Eric Crockett 9/16/15
Index operation on array causes segfault hamzeh alsalhi 7/12/14
Segfault caused when indexing a 2D array with an index within the dimensions calculated by extent hamzeh alsalhi 7/12/14
"extract" is unsafe niko...@gmail.com 6/22/14
Unsafe "index" function from delayed array niko...@gmail.com 6/21/14
Unexpected behaviour from "fromListUnboxed" Neil J 6/21/14
Fwd: Unexpected behaviour: foldAllP -- Order of arguments in calls to associative operator Víctor López Juan 6/14/14
Mapping a window function over a repa array with a boundary case Rob Stewart 5/15/14
Unexpected foldAllP laziness Chris Reade 5/10/14
An alternative determinstic pure API for parallel computation of repa array elements? Rob Stewart 4/29/14
Creating stencils from arrays Rob Stewart 4/29/14
Trouble using cabal install with 7.8.2 Stephen J. Barr 4/29/14
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