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Welcome to my hangout apps support group. 

This is a group where you can post your questions about my hangout applications or report any issues with them.
This group covers both Hangout Volume Control and Hangout Lower Third. If you want to submit a feature request or any other suggestion please post them here.

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[Lower Third] Frequently Asked Questions - READ FIRST Moritz Tolxdorff 5/16/12
How can I "enable" Lower Third? Aaron A. Fried 6/22/13
Why does my lower third not work? Shetalks She 11/30/12
Logo is messed up Chip Rodgers 10/31/12
Customizing the lower third Scott 9/2/12
on screen share I lose my camera window: it goes black bud oracle 9/2/12
any update about Lower Third for Pages? Laura Rodríguez-Loeches Zarragoitia 8/24/12
eu sim valeria martim 8/24/12
qual'e' la mia cantante preferita? la laura pausini simonetta monesi 8/23/12
donation problem Aaron A. Fried 8/21/12
yes Manzoor Khan 8/20/12
big time rush Chelsea Perez 8/19/12
I Need Sum Mo Fans Pleaz Listing To My Songs AND Watch my videos on youtube colly Homes 8/19/12
Quem quer entra no Hangouts caveira gamesbrasil 8/17/12
سعد الشهراني 8/14/12
Not working on my Mac Michelle Maltais 8/7/12
A way to cycle or work with a list of Lower Third graphics? Jeremy Mack 8/7/12
amigos juan carlos torres 7/30/12
Any plans on adding support for Animated GIFs anytime soon? =) Alexei Rivera 7/20/12
Lower Third with +Pages for HOA Ethan Cohen 7/20/12
Overlay showing backwards Tyler Brown 7/19/12
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