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Marshal, unmarshal and JAX-RS integration Mikel Corcuera 6/15/14
About withFields and withBean method in halbuilder-json for use in SCALA Lalkhum Sanga 5/12/14
Re: HalBuilder Mark Derricutt 3/22/14
JAX-RS 2.0 Support for HalBuilder Mark Derricutt 1/29/14
MutableRepresentation.resources as HashMap affects ordering Richard Wise 9/6/13
Invalid XML Serialization Ahmed 8/7/13
How to add an embedded sub resource array Derek Gebhard 7/30/13
How to ignore null values in domain class Ahmed 7/29/13
Adding non string JSON properties Derek Gebhard 7/25/13
HalBuilder HAL-XML Serialization of Inner Beans John Watzke 7/17/13
HALBuilder With Jersey to return JSON without escape Chen Conan 6/26/13
ANN: HalBuilder 3.0.1 Mark Derricutt 6/16/13
2.0.2 release Huw Lewis 6/5/13
Nested properties Michael Pangopoulos 4/17/13
halbuilder-core build fail Romain Gilles 3/5/13
Using HALBuilder in an OSGi environment Timo Naroska 2/25/13
Halbuilder License...? Jan Drake 1/3/13
Two Questions Brad Leupen 10/8/12
HALBuilder 2.0.1 release? Frederik Bülthoff 9/19/12
HALBuilder 1.0.5? greggian 7/4/12
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