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representing errors in HAL responses... Mike Amundsen 5/29/15
CURIES and IANA Rel Values.... Mike Amundsen 5/29/15
Cloud Foundry adopting HAL for their v3 API Matt Clark 5/29/15
Internet-Draft for application/hal+xml come...@comcast.net 5/29/15
Pattern for representing modifiable reference data? Julie C 5/28/15
Inaccessible links Larry Garfield 5/28/15
Reusing relation names Keith Hassen 5/27/15
some advice on a HAL representation... Mike Amundsen 5/22/15
Call for feedback - HALEasy python client Matt Clark 5/20/15
Can & Should self links be templated? Chris DaMour 5/18/15
Top-level curie for legacy usage? Yan Pritzker 5/12/15
node.js HAL validation Cam Esdaile 5/5/15
[ANN] Rest Navigator 1.0 release (Python HAL client) Josh Kuhn 5/5/15
Paris.js #46 HAL+json slides Adrien Risser 5/5/15
Mention API is HAL Adrien Risser 4/27/15
Is HAL XML still a thing? Michael Smit 4/25/15
Link Relation Types for Web Services - draft-wilde-service-link-rel-00 Mark Derricutt 4/23/15
The HAL RFC blongden 4/21/15
HAL: Best practices for updating multi reference (editors/friends) Jan S. 4/17/15
Format for property that's a combination of 2 pieces of data but has no resource ID Cris H 4/17/15
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