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profile vs. help vs. describedby Graham Conzett 10/21/16
Comma delimited type property Graham Conzett 10/21/16
About the "self" link relation Erik Terpstra 10/19/16
Adding and linking a nested singular child resource Andrew Kuklewicz 10/12/16
Transcluding non-HAL representations Scott Smith 8/22/16
Containers and embedded documents being a subset of the real thing. t...@quarendon.net 8/17/16
Providing name for each link in a list of links Lijo 8/11/16
Beginner HAL service and client with templates and queries Lijo 8/8/16
COALESCE_LINKS behaviour in older versions Andrew Girardeau-Dale 7/26/16
First looks at my upcoming HalBuilder 5 redesign Mark Derricutt 7/22/16
summary for best practice (link/unlink, self) Francesco Bragagna 7/18/16
Query about using _embedded Alex Brown 7/15/16
application/hal+xml IETF informational internet-draft is out Jeff Michaud 7/1/16
Representing multiple relations of the same resource type Nick Frezynski 6/24/16
Resource Relationship management, part 2. Does this smell bad? Julie C 6/16/16
Why are _embedded resources keyed by relation? Christian Surlykke 6/16/16
Return why a link cant be used Laurie Hallowes 6/3/16
Duplicate name property for same rel - allowed, or not? Merlyn Morgan-Graham 5/25/16
Curies & Link properties Ander Ruiz 5/25/16
Documentation tools for HAL/Hypermedia API Stephane Fellah 5/25/16
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