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Linking to _embedded resources and the Hypertext Cache Pattern Marcel Overdijk 1/10/18
Representing Resource Aliases Thomas Kelley 1/9/18
query and filter on HAL resources David....@apiture.com 1/9/18
Can HAL use Atom links? david....@liveoakbank.com 12/23/17
Link rel naming guidelines Spencer Hunter 12/23/17
multiple self links Jarle Hansen 11/6/17
IETF RFC? Jason Butz 10/1/17
type link property vs type link relation; HAL and ALPS Jeff Michaud 9/24/17
A new Javascript HAL client Evert Pot 8/25/17
HAL Link with query string in collection Rolandow - 6/15/17
Page number in _links zero or one based in...@poitech.biz 6/5/17
First looks at my upcoming HalBuilder 5 redesign Mark Derricutt 4/18/17
Huck (hypermedia unified CLI... with a kick) Jeff Michaud 4/8/17
Children resources URL Daniel 4/4/17
I wrote something about HAL, embedded resources and HTTP/2 Evert Pot 4/4/17
Re: [mikekelly/hal_specification] CURIE names for link relations (#33) Mike Kelly 3/30/17
type property on links too restrictive? Jeff Michaud 3/28/17
ALPS bindings for HAL Jeff Michaud 3/18/17
loose coupling in HAL Hari Govind V K 2/26/17
Are 'nested' resource representations valid in HAL? Richard Lund 2/21/17
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