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Board Member Elections May 26th Andrew Mike 12:09 PM
New Blog Post: Meetings This Week Andrew Mike 12:03 PM
New Blog Post: Board Member Elections Andrew Mike 12:03 PM
[URGENT] Metalworking Tool Bargain in NoVA; need member input! Andrew Mike 4/23/15
Meetings this week Andrew Mike 4/21/15
Meetings This Week Andrew Mike 4/14/15
Meetings this week Andrew Mike 4/6/15
Nothing Will Stop Us Now! Andrew Mike 4/1/15
Meetings tonight! Andrew Mike 3/24/15
Awesome Happenings and Meeting Announcements Andrew Mike 3/22/15
Summer Solstice Fest Project Ben Weinstein-Raun 3/17/15
Meetings This Week (3/17) Andrew Mike 3/17/15
[FIXED] Shifting Gears Andrew Mike 3/15/15
Possibility of a different 3D Printer choice Ben Weinstein-Raun 3/9/15
Meetings on 3/10 Andrew Mike 3/9/15
Hacksburg Inventory Party! Jenn McGuire 3/3/15
Meetings tomorrow (3/3) Andrew Mike 3/2/15
Meetings tomorrow (2/24) Andrew Mike 2/23/15
Meeting Tonight Jenn McGuire 2/17/15
Reminder: Annual meeting tonight Andrew Mike 2/10/15
Reminder: Annual Meeting 2/10 at 8 PM Andrew Mike 2/4/15
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