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Looking for a native Mandarin speaker to sanity check translation of the ISOC-OTA Internet of Things Trust Framework roland 5/21/18
Announcement: Plenum this Thursday 2018-05-17 roland 5/15/18
Event hosting policy amendment: work-related events for members who frequently work in the space roland 5/15/18
Plenum this coming Thursday (17 May) Valentine C 5/13/18
New Hacker Phant0m 5/9/18
Infosec in the City Marco Antonio 5/2/18
Plenum this evening (25 April) Valentine C 4/26/18
A platform that enables successful e-commerce for wedding vendors Sarra Chhoa 4/26/18
Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20A repair Kai Hendry 4/14/18
Golang: WebSocket + Streaming Tech on April 25 Reina Inami 4/12/18
Plenum this evening (12 April) Valentine C 4/11/18
3d printing network Derek Scuffell 4/10/18
RJ45 cables, power strips etc to be given away Harish Pillay 4/10/18
Any companies offering Debian-related consulting within Singapore? Kai Hendry 3/14/18
Plenum tomorrow evening (14 March) Valentine C 3/12/18
Fw: Office Insurance for HackerSpace.SG Luther Goh Lu Feng 3/11/18
Thoughts on how HackerspaceSG might organise itself roland 3/10/18
Good Day All iamjohn...@gmail.com 3/10/18
PSA: Carpet cleaning tomorrow Sat 10 Mar 9am Luther Goh Lu Feng 3/8/18
Document Freedom Day 2018 Huiren Woo 3/5/18
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