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[Event] Cool geeks meetup: Shingo Hisakawa Luther Goh Lu Feng 6/27/15
Can hackerspace host some VR guests from Thailand Jordan L 6/23/15
Where to Find USP Grade Glycerin and Propylene Glycol? John Berns 6/19/15
Papers We Love #010 Chinmay 6/16/15
Hackware on Tuesday 9th June Chinmay 6/6/15
IoT (Internet of Things) Mahadevan Jayaramdoss 6/6/15
Infra/Application Security Event Chris Chong 6/3/15
Spare UTP cable? Kai Hendry 5/27/15
Documentation about graphs shankao 5/26/15
sg exits vi 5/26/15
smart meters Kai Hendry 5/25/15
Re: PUGs June-2015 Meetup Sameer Kumar 5/25/15
parts swap? Paul Gallagher 5/24/15
[Project] Customize OpenMRS for an anonymous HIV clinic in SG Michael Downey 5/22/15
Eurovision party at HackerspaceSG tomorrow Valentine C 5/22/15
Web sign project @HSG Kai Hendry 5/21/15
tech talk: Google Apps Script Wong Meng Weng 5/21/15
Local seller of LCD for Raspberry Pi Andrew Kornuta 5/19/15
[Project] Looking for Ethical/White-Hat Hackers ; Something different Dennis Tan 5/15/15
Open Street Maps Hui Ying Ng 5/8/15
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