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is hackerspace open today Izidor Makuc 5/22/16
Being back in HSG Kai Hendry 5/14/16
Looking for a soldering oven to use roland 5/13/16
Getty Images Demand Letter ongkybeta 5/9/16
Looking for Android engineer as cofounder Phillips 4/30/16
Coworking in May Yujian Yao 4/29/16
Google Analytics Reporting seminar Arun Mani 4/25/16
Forgot green umbrella ☔ M. Emin Akşehirli 4/25/16
Request for informants: research on Hackerspace in the region. ur.th...@gmail.com 4/22/16
Papers We Love #019 Chinmay 4/21/16
Want to drop by HackerspaceSG for 20th Apr Ivan Tay 4/18/16
Location and Mobile Analytics Satheesh Kumar 4/17/16
Looking for Stack Developers as cofounders New Transactional fintech startup JC Goh 4/8/16
[cryptoparty] NUSHackers: Security night and Q&A with Jeff Moss - Friday Hacks #111 Chinmay 4/8/16
[cryptoparty] Starting a Def Con Group in Singapore Chinmay 4/2/16
Looking for ASUS X99-E WS 2er0 4/1/16
Papers We Love #018 Chinmay 3/27/16
3D printing Queen Nefertiti's bust rctay 3/19/16
Lesser-known China, and solving healthcare problems with open technology. HackerspaceSG Awesome Talks, March 2016 roland 3/11/16
Anyone placing a Mouser order? Jasper C. 3/8/16
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