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Kindly share this free journal http://www.ijaceeonline.com/ Ijacee Online 12/8/16
POS(Point Of Sales) Developer Leo 12/7/16
Papers We Love #023 Chinmay 12/4/16
Where to buy nuclear radiation detector in Singapore? Flo. 11/29/16
DVD player is dying hyperair 11/24/16
Coming to visit! Lewys Martin 11/16/16
One-Stop PCB Solutions in Singapore changbo dong 11/15/16
PAPER PUBLICATION Ijacee Online 11/12/16
Papers We Love #023 Chinmay 11/6/16
Invitation to Science Hack Day Singapore, Nov 11-12 Hong Phuc Dang 11/2/16
Publish your Papers (www.ijaceeonline.com) - Reg. Ijacee Online 10/24/16
Looking for a raspberry pi intern/developer Cheryl 10/24/16
Looking for fresh graduates in Cyber Security. Jerry Qiu 9/21/16
Buddy robot microsof...@gmail.com 9/18/16
Public consultation on proposed changes to the copyright regime in Singapore (23 Aug to 23 Oct 2016) Rambling Librarian (Ivan Chew) 9/15/16
Call for papers (www.ijaceeonline.com) – Reg. Ijacee Online 9/15/16
SIA App Challenge: Join and Stand to Win Return Air Tickets or a Tech Trip to Silicon Valley Erienne 9/5/16
Mosquitoes Kai Hendry 8/31/16
IRAS Hackathon... Michał J Gajda 8/30/16
Anyone around Monday/Tuesday? Premshree Pillai 8/29/16
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