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PyLadies Python Introduction - Vol. 2 Martin Brochhaus 8/2/15
Mobile phone POS apps? Calvin Yeo 8/1/15
notebook.com in Sim Lim proteusguy 7/31/15
Raspberry Pi 2 in stock? proteusguy 7/30/15
Call for proposals and volunteers: HackerspaceSG 6th birthday celebrations! roland 7/29/15
New Company Formation and Visas Lawrence Sinclair 7/22/15
PyLadies SG conducts a "Introduction to Python" workshop Martin Brochhaus 7/21/15
Where to Buy Sodium Citrate John Berns 7/21/15
Hiring Programmer (C, Java, or equivalent) for the development of one application. concat...@gmail.com 7/20/15
Papers We Love #011 Chinmay 7/20/15
What do Enterprise Technology and Cloud Sales people make in Singapore? proteusguy 7/16/15
Looking for smart coders (Java and C++) with Linux skills for IoT startup! Rachel Quek 7/7/15
Help on loan items for amateur radio exhibit at Maker Faire this weekend roland 7/6/15
2015 H&T this Thursday at 8PM, HSG vi 6/30/15
[Event] Cool geeks meetup: Shingo Hisakawa Luther Goh Lu Feng 6/27/15
Can hackerspace host some VR guests from Thailand Jordan L 6/23/15
Where to Find USP Grade Glycerin and Propylene Glycol? John Berns 6/19/15
Papers We Love #010 Chinmay 6/16/15
Hackware on Tuesday 9th June Chinmay 6/6/15
IoT (Internet of Things) Mahadevan Jayaramdoss 6/6/15
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