GWT Steering

This is the place where the GWT Steering Committee talks in the open about the future of the project (roadmap, communication, etc.) and bureaucratic stuff.

Your feedback is (more than) welcome, so do not hesitate to send it to the GWT Contributors group. (We'll try to avoid technical discussions here, and rather have them in the GWT Contributors group, but the line is sometimes blurry)

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Steering Committee Meeting Notes (6/17) Bhaskar 6/17/15
Meeting today? Bhaskar 5/13/15
GWT Meet-up pre-registration Bhaskar 5/4/15
2/11 Meeting notes Bhaskar 2/16/15
GWT Steering Committee panel at GWT.create, RSVP Joonas Lehtinen 1/19/15
Steering Committee Meeting notes from 8/21 Bhaskar 9/5/14
Steering Committee meeting @3.30pm at the Meet-up Bhaskar 6/23/14
GWT.create call for papers Joonas Lehtinen 5/16/14
Steering Committee Meeting Minutes (5/14) Bhaskar 5/16/14
March 12 minutes Colin Alworth 5/14/14
Steering committee meeting this week Bhaskar 5/13/14
GWT meetup 2014 Bhaskar 4/22/14
GWT.create banner on gwtproject website. Julien Dramaix 4/17/14
Re: What's the future of the GWT Designer? Thomas Broyer 3/12/14
Steering committee meeting minutes Joonas Lehtinen 2/12/14
Proposal for GWT patch review policy Bhaskar 1/30/14
Minutes from todays GWT Steering committee meeting Joonas Lehtinen 1/8/14
Proposal for GWT Name Use Policy to Steering Committee Joonas Lehtinen 12/15/13
No meeting tomorrow Bhaskar 11/12/13
Welcome, Christian Sadilek! Bhaskar 11/7/13
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