Growing Object-Oriented Software

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Naming mostly-abstract implementations Ionut G. Stan 4/15/15
Overcoming the one weakness of OOP, the post Luca Minudel 1/30/15
Let's get the "Is TDD dead?" panel to talk about "mocks returning mocks returning mocks" philip schwarz 1/25/15
Property-Based TDD Nat 1/13/15
Overcoming the one weakness of OOP, thoughts ? Luca Minudel 1/4/15
Timing / intermittent problems - Java 8 maybe? Paul Williams 12/23/14
End to end tests failling with NPE from SnipersTableModel Paul Williams 12/11/14
Figures online as colour SVGs with a CC BY-SA license Nat 12/8/14
[GOOS] TDD: Why We Don't Party Like It's 1999 philip schwarz 11/29/14
Where to put validation Branislav Hašto 11/11/14
[GOOS] Mutation Testing - have you used it? philip schwarz 11/9/14
mocks for design, then refactor to spies for more readable tests philip schwarz 10/12/14
Kevin Rutherford's take on "Tell, don't ask" philip schwarz 10/11/14
[GOOS] when you stub a query, how do you become confident that the correct query is made? philip schwarz 10/10/14
"Simulation Testing" by Michael Nygard Anthony Green 9/27/14
Is there someone who use ATDD in game server programming? Han 9/10/14
How and Where to start a software develop? Claudio Santos 8/19/14
Re: [GOOS] Digest for - 13 updates in 1 topic Thiago Ramos 8/15/14
The Power of Interoperability: Why Objects Are Inevitable Josué 8/1/14
[Tool] Automated functional tests thiagodp 7/11/14
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