Growing Object-Oriented Software

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Building on SOLID Foundations philip schwarz 4/3/14
A new blog post about the walking skeleton Oren Dobzinski 3/22/14
good compact testing code raould 3/19/14
Object Persistence With Nested Value Type - Anything Wrong With This Approach? Landon Martin 3/14/14
[Event] London eXtreme Programmers Meet up Anthony Green 2/16/14
Hexagonal Architecture in Go (a.k.a Ports & Adapters) Miroslav Genov 2/15/14
Unit testing synchronization constructs... Gishu Pillai 2/11/14
Levels of Context Independence in GOOS and POODR philip schwarz 2/8/14
A software developer's reading list Steve Wedig 2/6/14
Test-driven development (that's not what we meant) Anthony Green 2/4/14
How to design not to duplicate procedural workflows between test and implementation? Grzegorz Gałęzowski 2/3/14
CukeUp! Anthony Green 2/1/14
Sharing the Light | Agile Under Waterfall Perry Gollo 1/26/14
Praise from Dan North philip schwarz 1/18/14
fragile tests, mocking and collaboration and contract tests Patrick Lahey 1/13/14
agile software development for a single developer Matthias Dahl 1/6/14
Avoiding Acceptance Test bloat, when using the Hexagonal architecture Coran Hoskin 1/1/14
Source material for the different TDD schools of thought Patrick Lahey 12/24/13
Re: [GOOS] Subcutaneous Tests vs End-To-End Tests Steve Freeman 12/17/13
Subcutaneous Testing VS End-To-End Testing Through Ports Erik Ashepa 12/17/13
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