Growing Object-Oriented Software

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Testing persistence frameworks that use subclassing Liron Yahdav 8/23/15
Prerequisites for Learning TDD? Daniel Wellman 8/19/15
Mocking Objects Vs In-memory databases Suhaasv 8/15/15
Resetting state between acceptance tests Liron Yahdav 8/14/15
Getting started with end to end testing - Use of Main class Richards Peter 7/23/15
Noob problems with Python and end-to-end testing Miguel Casal Guillán 7/21/15
Advice required to unit test class that runs threads in background. Richards Peter 7/19/15
Large Data Elements and Object Creation or Update ACP 6/26/15
An interview with Nat Pryce #TDDIsEvolving philip schwarz 6/23/15
Interfaces vs Duck typing Miguel Casal Guillán 6/22/15
Examples of Hexagonal Architecture (Ports and Adapters) Miguel Casal Guillán 6/19/15
Pros n cons of using Dependency injection. Rohit Sharma 6/12/15
Discussion on "TDD does not lead to good design in itself" Eric G 6/3/15
Test Case Generation Tool with Mockito Suhaasv 5/29/15
What are the implicit dependency Han 5/10/15
Naming mostly-abstract implementations Ionut G. Stan 4/15/15
Overcoming the one weakness of OOP, the post Luca Minudel 1/30/15
Let's get the "Is TDD dead?" panel to talk about "mocks returning mocks returning mocks" philip schwarz 1/25/15
Property-Based TDD Nat 1/13/15
Overcoming the one weakness of OOP, thoughts ? Luca Minudel 1/4/15
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