Growing Object-Oriented Software

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The Broken Code with 100% Coverage Serkan Camurcuoglu 1/30/17
Testing VoIP calls Miguel Casal Guillán 11/23/16
Testing Public Interface Dariusz Gafka 10/31/16
Part III: current version of openfire and smack? MikeRodent 10/3/16
Encapsulation vs TDD Dariusz Gafka 9/23/16
Does TDD really lead to good design? Josué 8/29/16
Static Factory Method Testing Daris 8/18/16
Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests Without Mocks philip schwarz 8/7/16
Finding value types: Bundling Up and Static Analysis Daniel Wellman 7/7/16
Feedback on this new coding-exercise on GOOS related topics Luca Minudel 5/16/16
Mock Roles, Not Objects Presentation Nicholas Henry 5/5/16
Michael Feathers writing new book on better ways to approach error handling philip schwarz 4/6/16
Testing with third party APIs vivek poddar 3/3/16
Single Responsibility Class Design Susheel Kumar 3/2/16
Notification and Logging ittai zeidman 2/6/16
Does TDD really lead to good design? philip schwarz 12/1/15
Abstractions, Reuse in 3GLs Seima Rao 11/28/15
Mocks Kill TDD philip schwarz 11/10/15
meaning exists in the interaction between things philip schwarz 11/9/15
On stubbing queries Daniel Wellman 10/23/15
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