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Please Replace The Greasmonky Code Basir Ahmed Sarker 6/25/16
How to load external greasemonkey script Denwer 6/22/16
How to delete a CSS statement from GM? Or delete at least a "width" attribute within a CSS statement? Ben 6/17/16
True Sync Royal Gamer 6/15/16
GM_setProxy and proxy support for GM_xmlhttpRequest Royal Gamer 6/15/16
Looking for a simple Copy/Paste script H. Y. 6/3/16
Has any chance of the website find out what i do with their pages? Thalisson Barbosa 5/31/16
Google loading behavior: strange change depending on whether the script contains an alert() Joe D 5/11/16
@include but only for URLs with trailing (sub)path (at least one char) ? Ben 5/10/16
How do I really, really remove this f***ing div pane? Ben 5/5/16
How to mask/allow special chars in GM scripts? Ben 4/28/16
Youtube plays double audio Truthowl 4/27/16
500 serrver error/404 page not found. 4/21/16
How to hide/remove this ebay ad element? Ben 4/18/16
Yandex cache link - move from dropdown Ciber SLasH 4/17/16
How to execute GM_addStyle() command with 5 seconds delay? Ben 4/16/16
playing audio file Nick Allan 4/2/16
How to replace an element with a completely different? Ben 3/31/16
@grant messes up the script with Firefox, but not with Chrome mens sana 3/30/16
How to change "style" value of element? Ben 3/30/16
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