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Greasemonkey scripts no longer working on Firefox 40+ Henderson 8/30/15
Pale moon compatibility 8/28/15
Re: [greasemonkey-users] greasemonkey redirecting Matt Sargent 8/28/15
setvalue working across pages Alex Thomsen 8/27/15
Custom Script Fire Cat 8/26/15
Direct replace some of JavaScript code on site Michal Dziczkowski 8/23/15
[Facebook] Delete lots of friends at one time Tyson Wang 8/22/15
Dynamic window or iframe creation with data from a https page Damir Prebeg 8/19/15
Script to remove dotted line under timestamps on Facebook? g0urra 8/15/15
help to create a small script Kamel Baiteche 8/11/15
Un viejo script perdido en el tiempo .... Alejandro De Vitta 8/10/15
The Branch for SeaMonkey and PaleMoon (will be updated sporadically - or maybe never) janekptacijarabaci 8/10/15
Why not for SeaMonkey? saul Tube 7/30/15
[greasemonkey-users] Greasemonkey su SeaMonkey Mello 7/30/15
Is there a vesion of the monkey that works on the "Seamonkey" Browser ? kevin williams 7/30/15
Greasemonkey seems to break jfb 7/27/15
How to overwrite "white-space: nowrap" ? Ben 7/27/15
How to remove focus from Yahoo search box jfb 7/20/15
google groups filter - help finding a script john blake 7/19/15
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