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Who has decided greasemonkey 1.15.1-signed is not compatible with firefox 29? Barbarossa Jones 9/1/17
Help steer design of Greasemonkey 4.0's APIs Anthony Lieuallen 8/28/17
change number 8/24/17
Using google calender inside greasemonkey script Dennis Garske 8/20/17
Problem with GM_setValue since FF 53 Matthias Klein 8/3/17
GraseMonkey - FF - BootStrap and Leaflet problem Adail Horst 7/12/17
Batch import Scripts 7/8/17
Open a link in the same tab josef uali 7/3/17
Help Demonic Unicorn 6/24/17
facebook "site posts you could like" Anna S 6/19/17
broken on FF 54.0a2 John Doe 4/17/17
@include and @exclude problem depending on the number of subfolders in URL Ben 4/14/17
Why does this text re-appear when printed? Ben 4/12/17
Firefox 52 (32-bit) incompatible with Grease Monkey Daniel Quackenbush 3/8/17
Firefox onTabSwitchEvent its Heiko 3/6/17
Bot for Browser Game Mathias Fiedler 2/26/17
Facebook Timeline delete not working paula soppitt 2/26/17
Daily refresh/update swgvig 2/4/17
Userscript crashes Firefox 51 in GM_registerMenuCommand Orivej Desh 2/3/17
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