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Mapillary for photo monitoring? Mathew Lippincott 6/27/16
Aerial photography needs survey 6/24/16
Pics and how-to's from historic kite factory in Weifang, China Liz 6/24/16
Disturbing Aerials Reveal Canada’s Vast Tar Sand Mines | WIRED Jeffrey Warren 6/21/16
Announcing OpenHour! Stevie Lewis 6/20/16
[Important] Announcing the Annual Barnraising! Stevie Lewis 6/16/16
OpenHour starting in 20 minutes - watch/chat at Liz Barry 6/8/16
KAP Rig Suggestions Ranon Pritchard 6/7/16
Riffle rising Chris Fastie 6/2/16
Open Call tomorrow! Stevie Lewis 6/1/16
Terrapatern: open visual search tool for satellite imagery pablo rey 5/26/16
Announcing OpenHour Stevie Lewis 5/12/16
Regional Barnraising Registration Open! Stevie Lewis 5/11/16
Open Call tomorrow! Stevie Lewis 5/4/16
Warm welcome for all to join in / tune in to OpenHour 8pm ET tonight Liz Barry 5/2/16
This Monday's OpenHour: Public Lab's research culture Liz Barry 5/2/16
Fwd: Opening the Riffle data logger Beta Program: Apply Now! Liz Barry 4/27/16
Fwd: [PublicLab] Announcing a Public Lab booklet: DIY Oil Testing Jeffrey Warren 4/26/16
Balloons and Bumblebees! Stevie Lewis 4/15/16
Regional Barnraising Updates! Stevie Lewis 4/13/16
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