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interesting UAV mapping and image processing workflow example on Patrick Coyle 4:50 PM
Exporting in MapKnitter; tips and video guide Jeffrey Warren 4:33 PM
Fwd: [PLOTS] Photo Contest & 5 year anniversary Shannon Dosemagen 3/28/15
Rescued missing page in the four-page Grassroots Mapping Guide pablo rey 3/28/15
Updated models and a new website for the KAPtery Chris Fastie 3/27/15
April 6, 2015 OpenHour: Learning! Liz Barry 3/23/15
posted note: Using the mapknitter2 image placement using geotagged images Patrick Coyle 3/22/15
Pole Mapping threads Stevie Lewis 3/21/15
Automatic placement of images in MapKnitter using GPS metadata Jeffrey Warren 3/19/15
[Job] Interim ED for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Shannon Dosemagen 3/18/15
posted note: DJI UAV with Gimp correction of fisheye effect Patrick Coyle 3/16/15
AppCivist | CITRIS Patrick Coyle 3/16/15
Annual Barnraising Save the Date! Stevie Lewis 3/10/15
[jobs with Public Lab] Sys Admin and Admin Coordinator Shannon Dosemagen 3/9/15
Learning Mapknitter 2 and my frustrations c.regalado.lopez 3/9/15
UC Berkeley Research on Online Collaboration on Aerial Imagery Peter Swigert 3/6/15
Re: Met you last year at ICCM conference—question about balloon mapping kit Liz Barry 3/5/15
Berkeley Research on Aerial Imagery Peter Swigert 3/4/15
Re: Taking to the sky with my middle school students in Bryn Mawr Liz Barry 3/3/15
OpenHour today! Stevie Lewis 3/2/15
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