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9 tips for simple kite flying Jeffrey Warren 4/17/14
DIY kite plans Jeffrey Warren 4/16/14
mapping urban biosphere in Jerusalem hagit 4/12/14
Re: [PLOTS] mapping technologies for edible forest gardens? Mathew Lippincott 4/11/14
Public Lab Community Newsletter 4.11.2014 Shannon Dosemagen 4/11/14
Join the Public Lab nonprofit team! Public Lab is hiring a Kits Initiative Manager Shannon Dosemagen 4/11/14
panorama aerial photography hagit 4/9/14
posted note; Using free SFM tools for automatic volume calculation Patrick Coyle 4/7/14
3D printed KAP/BAP rigs Chris Fastie 4/7/14
Importance of Open Geospatial Science for our discipline Dan 4/7/14
Public Lab Community Newsletter April 6, 2014 Shannon Dosemagen 4/6/14
Balloon mapping rescheduled -- Sunday April 6! Katie Gradowski 4/5/14
Mapillary - Crowd Sourced Street View Images Sean McGinnis 4/1/14
Updates on this weekend's MBTA mapping! Katie Gradowski 3/30/14
Re: posted note; Example: using free SFM tools for calculation of volume of earth mound on construction site Patrick Coyle 3/27/14
Sunday 3/30 Balloon mapping in Somerville - Union Square MBTA Katie Gradowski 3/26/14
Public Lab community newsletter 3.24.14 Becki Chall 3/24/14
Are you in Houston? Do you have a kite or balloon camera rig? Liz Barry 3/24/14
Fwd: [plots-gulfcoast] Fwd: update on Houston oil spill scott eustatic 3/24/14
Applications due on Friday: Special projects layout editor Shannon Dosemagen 3/23/14
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