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The grails-dev-discuss group is intended for discussions about The Grails Framework. Specifically, the group is not intended for technical questions about using Grails. Please post technical questions about using Grails to StackOverflow.

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Re: Could not find artifact org.grails.plugins:tomcat8:zip:8.0.20 in grailsCentral Burt Beckwith 10:23 AM
Grails 3 and Spring Security Core Plugin 2.0-RC4 David Spies 7:41 AM
ANN: Grails 3 Milestone 1 Released Graeme Rocher 3/3/15
Grails 3 Plugin Upgrade Questions Ken Siprell 3/3/15
[ANN] Groovy Weekly #60 Guillaume Laforge 3/3/15
ANN: Grails 3.0 M2 Released Graeme Rocher 3/3/15
custom test phase script issue upgrading Grails from 2.2.2 to 2.4.4 Claude Daoust 3/2/15
[ANN] Spock 1.0 released Peter Niederwieser 3/2/15
Release of grails-gradle-plugin v2.2.0.RC1 John Engelman 3/2/15
Plugin not showing up John Urberg 3/1/15
JRebel now supports Grails! Adam Koblentz 3/1/15
Grails 3.0 interceptors Aaron 2/28/15
SPA & Ajax. How to cancel redirect globally in the config? Ильдар Гильфанов 2/28/15
SPA & Ajax. All values of JSON should be in string Ильдар Гильфанов 2/28/15
Tabs/spaces in generated Grails project Ronny Løvtangen 2/27/15
Grails Issues with CodeNarc plugin - File not found error ip00d00h 2/27/15
new plugin Tamer Shahin 2/27/15
[ANN] Groovy Weekly #59 Guillaume Laforge 2/24/15
Nested resource in RestfulController problem Michael Engelhart 2/23/15
No web-app folder for Grails3? G.S.Alex Young 2/22/15
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