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The grails-dev-discuss group is intended for discussions about The Grails Framework. Specifically, the group is not intended for technical questions about using Grails. Please post technical questions about using Grails to StackOverflow.

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ANN: Java Melody Plugin Sergio Michels 5/25/16
Grails Link generation - relative urls Thomas Lefevre 5/25/16
Grails 3 upgrade path: plugins you want migrated Graeme Rocher 5/25/16
bug in Where Queries? José Vilmar Estácio de Souza 5/23/16
Grails3 - Artefacts Sergio Michels 5/22/16
Does Grails 3 run on any major servers? DAC 5/18/16
Be a grails legend Munib Rahman 5/17/16
maintenance of perf4j plugin Mihai Glonț 5/16/16
Grails 3.1.4 Unable to do HelloWorld eg Grails_user_999 5/15/16
is grails 3 syntax compatible with grials 2 5/15/16
What is the default connection pool in Grails 2.4.4? Chris Davis 5/15/16
Grails integration testing - native SQL along-side GORM issues Chris Hancock 5/13/16
Officially supported versions of grails Rahul Agrawal 5/12/16
Grails best practices Johny K 5/12/16
Grails 3 and Spring Security Core Plugin 2.0-RC4 David Spies 5/12/16
'Could not find or load main class' after upgrading to latest Grails Jacek Furmankiewicz 5/11/16
GORM Support for Neo4j 3.0 Bolt driver Michael Juliano 5/11/16
request permission plugin allpay George Mei 4/30/16
Allpay grails 2 plugin MEI George 4/29/16
MissingMethodException on response.contentAsString after upgrade Jacek Furmankiewicz 4/20/16
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