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The grails-dev-discuss group is intended for discussions about The Grails Framework. Specifically, the group is not intended for technical questions about using Grails. Please post technical questions about using Grails to StackOverflow.

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'Could not find or load main class' after upgrading to latest Grails Jacek Furmankiewicz 5/2/16
request permission plugin allpay George Mei 4/30/16
Allpay grails 2 plugin MEI George 4/29/16
Grails 3 upgrade path: plugins you want migrated Graeme Rocher 4/29/16
What is the default connection pool in Grails 2.4.4? Chris Davis 4/21/16
MissingMethodException on response.contentAsString after upgrade Jacek Furmankiewicz 4/20/16
Grails 3.1.4 Unable to do HelloWorld eg Grails_user_999 4/11/16
Grails 3 Plugins and watchedResources Ken Siprell 4/7/16
marshallers pending plugin Denis Halupa 4/5/16
Need to transfer ownership of plugin for a Grails 2 plugin. Bud Byrd 4/4/16
development environment VS production environment Jose Javier 3/31/16
Can't make heads or tails of the new plugin system. Dan Campbell 3/31/16
Angular Profile: tests take long time to run Paul Waldo 3/29/16
Detached Criteria and @GrailsCompileStatic Nikola Ivanov 3/22/16
Warning: There is a dependency on module [abc] by module [xyz] but no such module has been defined zKr 3/17/16
Format dates in show view Chris Malan 3/14/16
| Application not found via JMX, attempting remote shutdown. José Vilmar Estácio de Souza 3/12/16
Trouble back-fitting fix to Grails 2.5 John Pandich 3/10/16
org.grails.profiles:base:3.1.3 declares and invalid dependency on parent profile José Vilmar Estácio de Souza 3/10/16
gradle build of grails-data-mapping 2.5.x fails tests John Pandich 3/10/16
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