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Welcome to the Guide on the Side discussion group. Please share your thoughts, comments and suggestions with us and with each other. We are looking forward to working with you to continue to develop the Guide on the Side tutorial creation web application!

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HTML editor missing ? Ilana Kingsley 4/3/18
Spam after upgrade Ilana Kingsley 3/21/18
Guide on the Side on Tablets? Jennifer Schmidt 3/21/18
Survey on Digital Learning Objects & Student Performance Data Graham Sherriff 3/20/18
TOC automatically displayed Ilana Kingsley 3/9/18
Support for PHP 7? Lisa H 3/8/18
Scopus no longer working in frame? UOW Library 2/26/18
New Pop Up Mode??? UOW Library 2/22/18
Guide not recognizing chapter break 2/20/18
New Tutorial only displays "certificate of completion" Dave Bartos 2/16/18
Installation error... VPS/Shared host even possible? Trip Bauer 2/16/18
Default content displayed when using Popup Mode Matt Monteiro 2/14/18
GOTS & EBSCO EDS Ilana Kingsley 2/12/18
Students unable to generate certificate with print/email button SRJCLibraries 1/26/18
How do I use Popup Mode? Sarah Eckhart 1/4/18
Image upload error Allie Thome 12/22/17
Installation problem with SQL database schema 12/6/17
Links not working in popup mode on Mac Graham Sherriff 12/5/17
Running GOTS from GitHub Bryan Chan 11/7/17
Flickering TOC menu Graham Sherriff 9/1/17
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