Hello, and welcome to the Gophercloud developers list!  This is a round-table of sorts, where Gophercloud developers, contributors, and integrators can ask questions, offer suggestions, solicit code reviews for contributions, and make Gophercloud-related announcements.

At the present time, traffic isn't at all burdensome, so moderation generally isn't an issue.  Please don't hesitate to contribute to or start a new discussion!

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sequence of port create calls with 10 sec delay in between failing with "connection reset by peer" Koteswararao Kelam 3/7/18
Inspectable errors and Gophercloud ping test Samuel Falvo II 12/23/14
Action requested: Affects Packer, Nebula, maybe others. Samuel Falvo II 8/19/14
Whoops -- I pushed without a PR first. Samuel Falvo II 8/11/14
question about v0.2.0 Servers API with mapstructure Jon Perritt 7/31/14
Fwd: [packer] Packer 0.6.0 is broken when Rackspace (OpenStack) images are created (#1142) Samuel Falvo II 7/8/14
Travis CI is fixed at long last Samuel Falvo II 6/30/14
Important -- subtle bug in ServerById() fixed Samuel Falvo II 6/30/14
Identity 0.2.0 refactor Jon Perritt 5/8/14
Request for code review: OpenStack Object Storage v0.2.0 Jon Perritt 4/14/14
Gophercloud's Future Course Samuel Falvo II 4/14/14
Identity API and Versioning Jon Perritt 4/11/14
Gophercloud 0.2.0 Vision (and some rambling brain-dumps) Samuel Falvo II 3/11/14
Announcing Gophercloud 0.1 Samuel Falvo II 3/11/14
Closing Huboard Down. Samuel Falvo II 3/11/14
Company logos? Samuel Falvo II 3/4/14
V0.2.0 API progress Samuel Falvo II 2/13/14
Identity V2 API v0.2.0 basically finished Samuel Falvo II 2/9/14
TravisCI failures on v0.2.0 branch Samuel Falvo II 2/9/14
Apologies for tardiness Samuel Falvo II 2/5/14
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