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The official GWT (formerly Google Web Toolkit) developer discussion group.  GWT lets you build AJAX apps in the Java programming language.

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GWT 2.7.0 is here Daniel Kurka 9/3/15
Development Mode will not be supported in Firefox 27+ Brian Slesinsky 3/4/15
Moderated GWT jobs group now available Eric Clayberg (Google) 9/21/11
JSInterop sample / tutorial? marian lux 11/28/15
Optimizing subjective performance accessing big celllists (kind of double buffering) Jordi G. March 11/28/15
Step-by-step debug configurations for GWT application in Spring Tool Suite (STS) IDE 11/28/15
What is j2cl? Marko 11/27/15
Use dynamic affectation polymer '$=' with in gwt ui binder Cyril Souti 11/27/15
DataGrid with Column freezing option karan 11/26/15
IntelliJ and 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT P.G.Taboada 11/26/15
GWT3: code splitting Mars 11/25/15
GWT 2.8-Snapshot and Guava Evan Ruff 11/24/15
JsInterop Maven fail apanizo 11/24/15
GWT app shows wrong on iPad/Safari? Magnus 11/24/15 not in google-snapshots? Michael Zhou 11/23/15
Java Deserialization Vulnerability gerry 11/23/15
Need clarity on permutation generation SAMBATH KUMAR LOGAKRISHNAN 11/23/15
spring4gwt(+ mybatis) startup warning:No MyBatis mapper was found in '[]' package Alex Luya 11/23/15
Mojo's maven-gwt-plugin or Thomas's maven-gwt-plugin? Michael Zhou 11/23/15
spring4gwt error:Spring bean not found: querySenior Alex Luya 11/23/15
Is anyone using Auth0 (for user login) with GWT? Matthieu Drenou 11/20/15
RequestFactory Services asJava EE managed Beans Pedro Lamarão 11/19/15
RequestFactory, frozen autobeans, and MVP Steve C 11/18/15
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