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Moving to GitHub Daniel Wang 1/28/15
Exception in parsing google webmasters api response Darshan Mehta 7/8/16
Why does this project still use legacy (org.mortbay.jetty) version of jetty? Shabeer Dewan 5/10/16
Email Settings API - ClientLogin Roshan Kariyadan 2/24/15
Google OAuth 2.0 and Data Store Need Roshan Kariyadan 2/19/15
Can somebody provide some sample code for the oauth 2 Resource Owner Password Grant Type? 2/3/15 connect timed out- while executing GoogleAuthorizationCodeTokenRequest Bharathi Rajagopal 1/20/15
GMail API OAuth Scope Euber Bispo 1/2/15
Need help on Google Authenticaion usage in JAVA web portal GAuth Test 1/2/15
Need help implementing OAuth 2.0 authorization 11/7/14
Version 1.18.0-rc released! Daniel Wang 4/10/14
Client credentials flow & installed app classes: useful Shawn Lauzon 4/8/14
Has this OAuth2 project gone dormant? I see regular updates until September, 2013 Joe White 4/4/14
AuthorizationCodeFlow thread safe, why use a lock? Lars Bohl 3/30/14
JdoCredentialStore doesn't exist Dakuo Wang 1/28/14
how do I get a refresh token? Rusty Wright 1/6/14
Using with twitter Luís Azevedo 10/28/13
How to exchange the code for an Access Token Karl Li 10/15/13
Version 1.17.0-rc released! Eyal Peled 9/13/13
Version 1.16.0-rc released! Nick Miceli 8/5/13
Version 1.15.0-rc of the Google OAuth Java Client has been released! Nick Miceli 5/10/13
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