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Moving to GitHub Daniel Wang 1/28/15
HTTPResponse Disable GZip Decompression? 1/22/15
Async features for Appengine? Aleem Mawani 1/2/15
Way to workaround invalid Content-Type header in a response? Alexander Devine 1/2/15
How to generate/build google map url programatically Subba Rao V 12/9/14
What are the class names for logging? James Ribe 6/27/14
Version 1.18.0-rc released! Daniel Wang 4/10/14
getStreamingContent is null and gives a bad request with Google HTTP Client Graeme Harnish 3/25/14
Parse response to a POJO without annotations? Jason Frank 2/14/14
httpclient-4.2/httpcore-4.2 compatibility? Margaret Martin 2/13/14
Making a multipart/form-data POST request Jake Rockwell 2/2/14
JSON: Deserializing DateTime field throws IllegalArgumentException Chris Vaughan 1/29/14
Roadmap Danny Leshem 1/20/14
Version 1.17.0-rc released! Eyal Peled 9/13/13
XmlHttpContent serializer sorts fields alphabetically Sergey Durovich 8/8/13
Version 1.16.0-rc released! Nick Miceli 8/5/13
Using Jackson DataBind for JSON Serialization/Deserialization David Fuelling 8/4/13
Working with Rss 2.0, XmlObjectParser Nicolas Siver 6/21/13
NullPointer when Enum value is missing Catherine Miller 6/13/13
Version 1.15.0-rc of the Google HTTP Java Client has been released! Nick Miceli 5/10/13
Response headers on retries Jørgen Trosby 5/10/13
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